Worksheet s we mentioned in this lesson’s video, the number one biggest barrier to earning money on the side was not knowing what field to work in. You may find it useful to do some brainstorming and write your ideas down. What are your top 5 Skills, Strengths, and Interests? Skills 3. 4. 5. Strengths 2. Interests vim. Ultraconservatives. Com w hat you came up with above helps to guide you toward a few freelance trades you might be interested in. Look at what you wrote and brainstorm 1-3 trades. Freelance trades that work for you: More questions to consider: 1.

Do I want to do this full-time one day, or Just on the side? 2. Do I want to do this virtually or locally? 3. Is this potentially lucrative? 4. Is this intellectually stimulating? The field you choose for now with might not necessarily align perfectly with what you want, which is k. If you have at least one field you’re interested in, that’s enough to get started. Plus, you can always come back and start with your #2 choice if your first choice doesn’t work out! Next Steps Check out our PDF, A List of Freelancing Ideas for inspiration to help you out with some additional freelance trade options. Www. Ultraconservatives. Com 2

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