East Carolina University has a general MBA program that is 100% online. For all those students who wondered whether this program requires on-campus time, there is no such thing here. This university has been accredited by AACSB since the start of these online courses. In 2001 the university offered its pilot online MBA program and in 2004 the general MBA program went fully online. Today, East Carolina University has more than 800 online MBA students and they are making efforts to increase this number in the near future.

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If you are all about rankings, East Carolina University has been ranked as 26th in accreditation and student engagement, 28th in admissions and 17th in technology and students services. This ranking was taken from the US News and World Report. The rankings have been based on online survey distributed to over 960 accredited universities and colleges.

East Carolina University general MBA offers online prerequisite cases. It also includes pre-term experience in their academics which are helping students to get through all online techniques for earning. They will have the opportunity to understand what an Online MBA is all about. It takes 2 years to complete this program which includes two courses that are making one semester. On top of this, there is another course which is reserved for the summer period. Students are able to make their own preferred schedule. They will work with a personal advisor for creating a schedule that will challenge and suits them best. For completing this general (online) MBA program, students need 60 credit hours.

Visiting the campus depends on the professor. Some of them have final and midterm exams that need to be taken on the campus.

East Carolina University has some requirements for enrolling to this program. Every student must have a completed graduate school application and several Undergraduate transcripts. Their resume must be fulfilled and they need to have respectful GMAT scores. The application fee costs $70. This cost can be waived if the students are active military personnel. The GMAT scores can also be waived if the students had 3.3 GPA result on their studies as an undergraduate and 10 years of experience in the field they want to enroll.

East Carolina University offers technical support 24/7. This support includes any difficulty from a software aspect. The stuff is available to answer every general question if you are experiencing issues with the university’s network connection.

If you want more information please visit the official website of this university.