What are the weather hazards for LIGHTNING?
Temporary blindness, Punctures to the aircraft’s skin, Damage to electrical/navigational equipment
What are the four types of icing?
Clear, Rime, Frost, and Carburetor icing
What is the most dangerous type of ice?
Clear ice
What is the Temperature ranges for icing?
0 c to -40c and 0 c to -10 c
four degrees of icing?
Trace, Light, Moderate, and Severe
Fog is defined as?
cloud on the earth’s surface
Most lightning strikes occur when?

Within 8C of the freezing layer2. Within about 5000 ft. of the freezing level3. In precipitation including snow, in clouds, and in turbulence

What are four types of fog?
Radiation, Advection, Up slope, Steam
Hail occurs when?
occurs during the mature stages of cells having a strong updraft.
Turbulence occurs with?
shear between updrafts and downdrafts usually found in the anvil 15 to 30 miles downwind
four degrees of turbulence
Light, Moderate, Severe, and Extreme
What is CASE 1 for HELO Approach and Recovery?
1000 ft ceiling, 3 miles visibility
What is CASE 2 for HELO Approach and Recovery?
500 ft ceiling and 1 mile visibility
What is CASE 3 for HELO Approach and Recovery?
Less than 500 ft ceiling/1 mile visibility
What is CASE 1 for V/STOL Approach and Recovery?
3000 ft ceiling and 5 mile visibility
What is CASE 2 for V/STOL Approach and Recovery?
1000 ft ceiling and 5 mile visibility
What is CASE 3 for V/STOL Approach and Recovery?
Less than 1000 ft ceiling/5 mile visibility
What is the Plane Guard Helo?
The SAR Helo
1 mile to 3 miles. 045 degrees outbound and 110 degrees inbound. Flown at 300 feet and 80 knots
What is EMCON?
Emission Control,Disguises the ship to make it look smaller on radar
What are the five positions in AATCC?
1.Approach controller 2.Assault controller 3.Departure controller4.Final Controller5.Marshal controller
What does the APPROACH controller do?
Controlling inbound aircraft from marshal; establishes aircraft on the final approach
What does the ASSAULT controller do?
Supports amphibious air operations concerning ship to shore movement
What does the DEPARTURE controller do?
Orderly flow of departing aircraft
What does the FINAL controller do?
Controlling aircraft on the final approach
What does the MARSHAL controller do?
Establishing the initial sequencing and separation of aircraft
What is the purpose of the air plan?
Reflects the ship’s involvement in supporting air operations
How far in advance is the air plan written
24 hours
What is the purpose of a UAV?
Reconnaissance and attack
What does METOC stand for?
Meteorology and Oceanography
What does METOC provide the ship?
Accurate weather data for divert fields – Aids the ship determine the case of recovery
What does AATCC stand for?
Amphibious Air Traffic Control Center
What are the NON-controlling positions in AATCC?
AATCC Watch Officer, AATCC Watch Supervisor, Status Board/Plotter
What does CIC stand for?
Combat Information Center
What is the function of CIC?
Identify surface and air contacts and determine if they are friend or foe (IFF)
What does TACC stand for?
Tactical Air Control Center
ACE stands for what?
Air Combat Element and consists of (10) CH-53, (4) UH-1, (4) AH-1, (8) MV-22 and (6) AV-8.
What is CATF and who is the CATF?
Commander Amphibious Task Force and is Capt angle
Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable
What does NATOPS stand for?
Naval Aviation Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
What is the purpose of NATOPS?
Standardizes ATC Navy-wide
What is the main aircraft prestart precaution?
Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Walkdown
The words INJURY and DEATH are associated with
The word DAMAGE to equipment is associated with
The word EMPHASIZED is associated with
The word MANDATORY is associated with
The word SHOULD is associated with
The word MAY is associated with
The word WILL signifies
What is the purpose for NATOPS evaluation?
It’s a QA for ATC
Who is the OPS Officer?
Who is the AIR OPS Officer?
Who is the DIVO/Assistant AIR OPS Officer?
Who is the Air Boss
1000’s of feet means
100’s of feet means
What is the nickname,usage, and range of AN/SPN 35
Easy Rider,Final Controller Radar, 10 NM
What is the nickname,usage, and range of AN/SPN 41
Bull’s Eye, AV8 on Final, 20 NM
What is the nickname,usage, and range of AN/SPN 43
Gadget,Dep/Ass/Mar/App Radar, 256 NM
What is the usage of TACAN
Provides slant bearing and range
Who owns and What is the Dimension of Control Zone.
PRIFLY/Air Boss, Surface to 2500 feet/ 10 NM diameter
Who owns and What is the Dimension of Control Area.
AATCC,Surface to Infinity/ 100 NM diameter
What does TACC(Tactical Air Traffic Control)provide.
centralized planning, control, coordination and interrogation of air operations and airspace management in support of amphibious multi-service,
Five Sections of TACC.
(STD HP)Air Support Control Section Air Traffic Control Section Air Defense Coordination Section Helicopter Coordination Section Plans and Support Section
Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron
Helicopter Maritime Strike
Helicopter Mine Countermeasures
Helicopter Antisubmarine
Helicopter Antisubmarine Light
Helicopter Training
Tactical Electronic Warfare -EA-6B (gold canopy and protects pilot/crew from radiation)
Carrier Airborne Early Warning – E-2C
Fleet Composite – VP-3A
Strike Fighter -F/A-18
Marine Fighter Attack – AV-8B
Patrol -P-3
Fleet Air Reconnaissance -EP-3
Logistics Support -C-9
Carrier Antisubmarine Warfare