Head Start
Federal funded program that promotes the school readiness of children from age birth to 5. These children come from low income families. By enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development
Head Start 2
Empowers families to do the best that they can do when raising their children
Reggio Emilia
Child centered approach that focuses on collaboration and projects with high value on knowledge and skill
Reggio Emilia 2
inspired by gardners multiple intelligences
-respecting the child
Sensorial Materials- how students express their 5 senses
Practical Life- involves the childs movement, concentration, and repetition.
Montessori 2
students recognizze their mistakes and self correct
Multiple aged students in one classroom (1-3). The older students work to help the younger students
Direct Instruction
Organization and concise directions are key components.
-strict schedules
Direct instruction 2
Teachers explain exactly what they want the students to learn
Constructivist Approach
Allows students to generate new ideas or concepts based on current and prior knowledge
Constructivist Approach 2
Knowledgw about what is being taught
spiral curriculum- the subjects can be revisited more than once
beyond information- student has complete exploration and gain more knowledge on the topics being taught
Project Approach
Influenced by Dewey and his idea of progressive education
Project Approach 2
Students explore real world problems and challenges. It sparks students desire to explore, investigate, and understand their world.
High Scope/Perry Preschool
Children are active learners who learn best from activities they plan themselves, carry out, and reflect on
High Scope/ Perry Preschool 2
Children are encouraged to make choices, solve problems, and otherwise engage in curriculum activities that contribute to their learning areas of intellectual, social, and physical development
Erikson Approach
Play offers a chance for a child fo work through a conflict within their own lives in a safe place.