Social Studies Focus
Gaining knowledge and skills for being/becoming contributing members of society. 
Creative Arts Focus
Expressing and representing ideas, experiences, and emotions through artistic media and productions.

Relevance for including Social Studies in EC Programs
children are members of societyThey have had experiences from birth and they experience things on a daily basis.
Skills for Creative Arts
1. creating: a work of art – painting, sculptures, songs, play2. appreciating: using knowledge and skills to understand and enjoy artistic expression3. participating: performing, demonstrating, showing attending, advocating, supporting, purchasing, displaying
Skills for Social Studies
* understanding interactions-people and things working together* gathering information-exploring, observing,using senses, recording, taking pictures*Organizing information-charts, graphs, compare/contrast*making connesctions- Charts, doing, w/own experiences* Taking responsibility-sharing, communicating, taking actions, persuing, reporting, asking
Definition of Creativity
A process-looking at something and seeing/creating something unique;seeing the possibilities
ELS for Creative Arts
24 and 25
ELS for Social Studies
14-18 31, 32