The process that breaks down rock at the Earth’s surface
The movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice or gravity
The laying down of sediments on Earth
Physical Weathering
The physical breakdown of rocks into smaller pieces that have the same composition as the rock they came from
Chemical Weathering
The breakdown of rocks into new substances by chemical substances
Average weather conditions in any given area
Ecoregions (Texas)
Eleven different natural regions of Texas. Each region has different topography, geology, plants and animals.
Water located beneath the surface of Earth which is trapped in spaces between rocks
Surface Water
Water that collects or flows across the surface of Earth; streams, rivers, lakes, ponds
A land area where all the surface water drains into a general area and flows to the ocean
Catastrophic Events
A very harmful or disastrous weather event such as a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or tsunami
Ecological Succession
The process by which an ecosystem gradually changes
Climax Community
A stable ecosystem that no longer goes through major ecological changes
Primary Succession
Ecological succession that occurs on new land with little or no soil
Secondary Succession
Ecological succession that occurs where an existing ecosystem was damaged or destroyed