Major Category 1

Receiving or Attending


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All we are asking of student is to be sensitized to information we are trying to put across

Major Category 1 – Receiving or Attending Sub Categories (3)

A: Awareness

Example: A child is exposed to classical music and composers in class.

B: Willingness to Receive

Example: The child listens to new forms of music and accepts it as music.

C: Control or Selected Attention

Example: Even with an early dismissal, the student listens to the lesson until being dismissed.

Major Category 2
Major Category 2 – Responding Subcategories (3)

A: Acquiescence in Responding

Example: A student responds that there are 2 major political parties in the US, without understanding the significance of each party.

B: Willingness to Respond

Example: Student says bonjour when entering the classroom without the teacher saying it first.

C: Satisfaction in Response

Student gets 100% on their geography test and gives student next to them a high five.

Major Category 3
Major Category 3 – Valuing Subcategories (3)

A: Acceptance of a Value

Example: The student believes in staying physically fit by exercising every morning at 6:00 am for 3 months.

B: Preference for a Value

Example: The student reads the whole chapter even though only one section is assigned.

C: Commitment

Example: The student is committed to recycling and tries to get the community members to recycle too.

Major Category 4

Major Category 4 – Organization Subcategories (2)


A: Conceptualization of a Value

Example:The student wears a sports jersey representing their favorite team and player.


B:Organization of a Value System

Example: Student wants to live in France, but doesn’t want to leave his family in America.

Major Category 5
Characterization by a Value or Value Complex
Major Category 5 – Characterization by a Value or Value Complex Subcategories (2)

A: Generalized Set

Example – Enter a friend’s home with 50 dollars on the table, you already know you are not going to take the money. Taking the money never enters your mind.


B: Characterization

Example: Derek Jeter is the SS for the Yankees.