Features of a Multimedia Classroom
Interactive whiteboard
Computers with internet access
Educational software with multimedia applications
Digital projector and screen
Digital cameras or camcorders
Digital voice recorders
Surround sound amplification system
Advantages of a PowerPoint
• Provides short summaries of key points in a lecture or reading assignments
• Gives a visual dimension to class presentations
• Easy to use and available on most school computers
• Text can be combined with pictures, charts, graphs, and other images in interesting and entertaining ways
Disadvantages of a PowerPoint
• Cannot take the place of more in-depth discussions and analysis
• Some students may “tune out” during a presentation
• Teachers need to spend time entering the material before showing it
• Computer screens may contain so much information that students become distracted from main ideas
Tufte’s 3 main suggestions on improving PowerPoints
• Present meaningful content that matters to your audience
• Use PowerPoint as a projector for showing low-resolution color images, graphics, and videos
• Include paper handouts in your presentation as a way to “effectively show text, numbers, data, graphics, and images.
Strategies for Using PowerPoint With Your Students
o Make Visual Presentations Interactive, Varied, and Memorable
o Use Visual Text To Generate Class Discussion
o Promote Visual Analysis of Discussion Topics
o Display Questions or Comments for Short Writing Assignments
o Use the Slides as Attention-Getters
o Develop Your Own PowerPoint Learning Games
Why is video in the classroom is an effective way of teaching?
o Availability in schools
o Students are interested
o Abundance of Resources
o Unique learning experiences
Strategies for Using Videos and DVDs with Your Students
o Use the pause and rewind buttons often
o Ask students to write responses
o Minimize the time video is shown in the classroom
o Turn off the sound or picture
4 reasons for a teacher to become a photographer and videographer and for students to become involved in taking pictures and making movies in school
o students experiences
o documenting learning
o active learning
o information creation
Strategies for Using Cameras with Your Students
o Use cameras regularly
o Record events while they are unfolding
o Use video as a way to generate, edit, and publish student writing
o Create a video production and editing area in your classroom
Advantages to Podcasts and Vodcasts
o Teachers can easily record lectures, review sessions and class discussions for students to hear outside of class
o Students may perform in a more relaxed and thoughtful manner when recording a podcast than when performing for a camera
Reasons for Teaching with Clickers
o Active learning
o Student involvement
o Real-time feedback
o Question driven instruction