Alphabet Books
Student-made or student- and teacher-made books designed to teach spelling patterns, letter sounds, vocabulary words, and reading skills.
Concept Books
Student-made or student- and teacher-made books designed to teach a single concept or idea such as shape, size, fractions, opposites, or patters.
Digital Art Making
Students constructing their own art using computer tools and software.
Digital Cameras
Cameras that record still pictures asnd allow users to view the image, retake shots, and store the photos taken.
Digital Projectors
A digital video machine that projects computer-generated images onto a screen.
Digital Single-Use Camera
Cameras designed for one use only (aka disposable cameras).
Digital Storytelling
Storytelling through digital video, pictures, and words.
Digital Video Cameras
Digital cameras that take video images.
Digital Video Editing Software
Software that makes possible the processing, editing, and manipulating of digital video material.
Digital Voice Recorders
Small handheld device for recording voices and other sounds that can then be downloaded to a computer or audio sharing website.
Graphic Design
Process of arranging words and images to communicate information visually.
Information Presentation Design
The design and management of digital content, often used in connection with how students and teachers display information on classroom websites or blogs.
Interactive Whiteboards
A touch sensitive whiteboard that interacts with a computer to enhance teaching and learning experiences in classrooms.
Handheld music playing device made by Apple. Some models also record spoken voices.
Presentation of information using multiple media, including words, pictures, sound, and data. Also known as multimedia technologies.
Multimodal Learning
Using information and images from multiple sources, such as spoken words, video, graphics, and pictures, to produce learning for students.
Pocket Video Cameras
Small handheld camera that record video and audio that can then be downloaded to a computer or video-sharing website.
Digital audio files delivered to computers by the Internet.
Software that allows a computer user to access podcast files.
Point-and-Shoot Cameras
Cameras, most of which have autofocusing capabilities, which produce still photographs.
Multimedia presentation software found on most computers and used to display information visually and dynamically in classrooms.
Shoot-to-Point Cameras
Camera with adanced features that produces publication quality pictures (aka “prosumer” cameras).
Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Design Cameras
High-end camera with multiple professional features including the capability fo manipulating images in great detail before a picture is taken.
A way to organize material that combines words and pictures into a sequence fo images, often used in preparing PowerPoint presentations or editing digital movies.
Streaming Video
Simultaneous transfer of video, voice, and data from one computer to another to create a stream of electronic content.
Podcasts that contain video images, delivered via the Internet.
Multimedia presentation delivered on the Internet and usually supported by streaming video.