the rapid reading of material to determine central ideas and main elements.

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 Discuss the SQ3R Method

 Stands for survey, question, read, recite, and review. Helps you take in, understand, and remember what you have read. 


 Principles or qualities that you consider important.

Verbal Signpost

Spoken words or phrases that call attention to important information


EX: professor saying this will be on the test

Preference or opinion that prevents an even-handed judgement 
Locus of control

  Meaning you are motivated either by external factors (your parents, circumstances, luck, grades, instructors’ feedback, etc.) or internal factors (values and attitudes).


Crucial tool for keeping track of reading and homework assignments and test dates. 

4 Parts of Listening 

1.  Sensation- listener hears message when ears pick up sound waves

2.  Interpretation- Listener attaches meaning to message

3. Evaluation- Listener judges message against personal needs and values

4. Reaction- Listener provides feedback to speaker through questions and comments

3 Parts of Successful Intelligence 

a.   Analytical thinking- you engage with information through asking questions and proceeds to analyzing and evaluating information

b.   Creative thinking- you generate new and different ideas and approaches to problems

c.    Practical thinking- Puts what you learned into action to solve a problem or make a decision

5 ways to avoid procrastination 

1. Analyze the effects

2. Set reasonable goals

3. Get started whether you feel like it or not

4. Ask for help don’t expect perfection

5. Reward yourself.