digital revolution
the change in how people communicate brought on by developments in computer systems
knowledge work
work that is primarily concerned with info rather than manual labor
a goal directed force that moves a person to action
belief in your value as a person that builds as you achieve your goals
academic integrity
following a code of moral values in all aspects of academic life
principles or qualities that you consider important
an end toward which you direct your efforts
major or concentration
an academic subject area chosen as a field of specialization, requiring a specific, course of study
to arrange or deal with in order of importance
the act of putting off a task until another time
physical or mental strain or tension produced in reaction to pressure
learning style
a particular way in which the mind receives and processes information
abilities that may be developed
an ability to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture
systematic classification or study of types
temporary work programs in which a student can gain supervised practical experience in a job and career area
set of connected ideas, supported by examples made by a writer to prove or disprove a point
preference or inclination, especially one that prevents even-handed judgement
characteristic way of thinking about people, situations, events, and ideas
judgement, generalization, or bias influenced by experience of values
letting your mind wander to come up with different ideas or answers
primary sources
original documents, including acadmeic journal articles of scientific studies
secondary sources
other writers interpretations of primary source documents
rapid, superficial reading of material to determine central ideas, and main elements
reading material in an investigative way to search for specific info
topic sentence
one to two sentence statement describing the main idea of a paragraph
general education requirements
course required for graduation in a variety of academic fields
general facts, rules, or principles usually expressed in mathematical symbols
facts, statistics, and other materials that are presented in support of an argument
process that involves sensing, interpreting, evaluating, and reacting to spoken messages
verbal signposts
spoken words or phrases that call attention to info that follows
system of rapid handwriting that employs symbols, abbreviations, and shortened words to represent words and phrases
sensory register
brain filters through which sensory information enters the brain and is sent to short-term memory
short-term memory
brains temporary info storehouse
long-term memory
brains permanent information storehouse
placing disconnected information into smaller units that are easier to remember
mnemonic devices
memory techniques that uses vivid associations and acronyms to link new information to what you already know
word formed from the first letters of a series of words created to help you
master note set
complete, integrated note set that contains both class and text notes