Culturally Responsive Teaching
*Accepting and valuing cultural differences

*Accomodating different interaction patterns

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*Building on students cultural background

‘melting pot’ where ethnic minorities are expected to give up their traditions/culture and blend in or be absorbed by the mainstream culture
acceptance and open -mindedness of different practices, attitudes and cultures; does not necessarily mean agreement with the differences. implies an acknowledgement, or an acceptance or respect. Not necessarily an appreciation and usually consist of only surface level information
the practice of acknowledging and respecting the various cultures, religions, races, ethnicities, attitudes and opinions within an environment. The word does not imply that there is any intentionality occurring and primarily works from a group, versus individual orientation
The practice of emphasizing our uniqueness in promoting the reality that each voice, when valued, respected and expected to, will provide positive contributions to the community
What is fairness DVD
2 everyone gets what he or she needs and that’s not necessarily the same thing.
o the book “I’m glad I’m a boy I’m glad I’m a girl”
o Book “all Families are special”
o Jobs
o Blocks right next to the kitchen
IDEA (Individuals with disability education act)

* guaranteed a free public education

Christian mortality and the teaching connections
• teaching is a very conservative profession
• teachers are the moral compass of society
o role models, can teach what is right or wrong, shouldn’t put personal biases on students
o teachers are put on a pedestal because they are teachers
o your behavior and what people expect
• holidays, evolution, work week, pledge of allegiance, game marriage, shots.
Gender Communication
1) Men are more likely to answer questions than girls – boys will be the primary question answers

2) Women use more questioning questions – teach females how to say yes and be confident.

1)Men are criticized more – males might not have as much confidence as females as a result

2)Women are touched more often than men – it could be a power struggle

Spectrum Panel
use books to discuss the topic with children
Context Issue
Single Parent Home
* more vulnerable to alcohol and drugs(b)
* increase in aggression/ anxiety(b/p)
*negative social stigma(b)
*decline in living standard(s/b)
*pressure to choose sides(p)
*fill a void(s)
*more disruptions in life(p/s)
*lack of mixed gender role models(p)
*support & supervision (p/s)
*more likely to drop out of school (p)
Bullying video
* showed the depth of bullying and the effects it could potentially have on a child

*Teachers need to be aware. (5%) teachers need to notice the small signs of bullying such as alienation, horse play.

* set ground rules and have students sign a pact.

Both my moms are named Judy
* Students of gay,lesbian, and transgender parents are not receiving what they need from the classroom

* discuss the topic more, show that all families are unique.

Reading Section 5
Fine – The Morning after the Morning After.

* Muslim children the days after 9/11

*the children don’t tell their parents about some of their experiences
– the girls were more willing to talk and educate
-some cross their Muslim and American identities
-they constantly felt violated even when nothing was said
-how 9/11 impacted Muslim youths

* author believes that it is our responsibility as educators to help Muslim students feel as though they belong. help them not become victims of 9/11

* I agree with the author because i feel for the youth. need to hlep others understand its not their fault, ignorance

Reading Section 8
Section 9
Cisneros – The Monkey Garden

* The autho realized he was a girl
* had to grow up and recognize what is okay for girls and boys to do
*everyone else discovered it before her.
*She wanted to die

Sectin 10
Sellars – Working my way back home

*Author was an African American, gay teacher former athlete.
*”racial sexually”
*principle said he wouldn’t have hired him if he knew he was gay, even though he attended Yale.
*didn’t want his father to die without knowing his real son,
*trust people who care for you
*Father was a baptist preacher
* use to hide it but finally came out to his parents