Be able to identify what should be used as a guideline in developing appropriate academic goals and objectives for students with severe disabilities.

  • Select academic goals and objectives that build on a student’s present level of performance in using symbols.
  • Align content w/ the student’s ability to perform successfully in current environments.
  • Align content w/ the student’s long-term post-school goals.
  • ·         Select academic content that is suited to the student’s chronological age.

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    ·         Select academic content that has the potential to enhance inclusion in school and community settings.

 Be able to identify/ describe the standards-referenced approach to developing  academic goals and objectives for students?

  • ·         Identify appropriate skills using an ecological inventory and/or ecological curriculum guides.

    ·         Identify academic content standards from the general education curriculum that align with the skills.

Be able to choose which devices would meet all of a student’s communication needs?

 Aided or not aided? Low tech or high tech? 


Be able to identify who can  help support a student’s communication skills?

  • ·         Adults: general ed teachers, special ed teachers, slp, paraprofessionals, volunteers, other related service providers, school staff, parents.

    ·         Peers- classmates, siblings, peer tutors.

Be able to speak to the expense of All communication devices 

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Where should the use of communication be encouraged 

  • ·         In natural environments with natural communication partners.


What is the goal of positive behavior?

  • ·         To promote prosocial behaviors that get students what they need.

       What are the 3 effects on problem behaviors with the successful use of PBS? 

  • Making problem behavior irrelevant means reducing or eliminating the need to engage in a problem behavior by proactively creating effective environments.
  • Making a problem behavior inefficient means teaching a person appropriate replacement behaviors that serve the same function as the problem behavior but that are even more efficient in producing desired outcomes.
  • Making a problem behavior ineffective means not allowing the person to get what he or she wants through problem behavior

What is the ultimate purpose or goal of functional behavioral assessment?

  • ·         To determine the function of a behavior and to use that determination to make a plan to substitute undesirable behaviors with positive behaviors.

What is the central element of PBS?


·         Procedures and strategies that are designed to prevent the occurrence of problem behaviors. Modifying stimuli that promote or evoke problem behavior and investing in teaching new skills to replace the problem behavior.

What does research evidence indicates about behavior support plans based on a functional behavioral assessment?
Is a student ever   involved in conducting an FBA?

·         Yes. Students can he valuable resources in assessing their own behavior and providing insight as to why they act the way they do.

                         What are two important criteria or characteristic of a positve behavior support plan? 

·         Needs to be both one thing and another thing.

What is the first step in positive behavior support?
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What should the goals and objectives on a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)


         focus on?

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         From what or where should academic goals and objectives on a student’s IEP must be drawn from 

·         Grade level standards, student’s current abilities.

                    In multilevel curriculum and instruction how does a student receive instruction

·         Diverse group of learners, shared activity, appropriate level of difficulty outcomes, all learning outcomes in the same curriculum.

 In curriculum overlapping how does a student receive instruction?

·         Diverse group of learners, shared activity, appropriate level of difficulty outcomes, outcomes from 2 or more subject areas.

What is one way of overcoming the limited number of instructional trials available in community settings?
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You need to understand this scenario –  

        “You are part of a team developing a behavior support plan for a student who engages in screaming that is maintained by attention from adults.”  –


         to choose which suggestions would be consistent with this hypothesis, and which would not be consistent with the hypothesis  


What has resulted in an increased number of students with severe disabilities being served in general


        education classes?

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Be able to describe the traditional definition of  Literacy 

Being able to read and write

            Learning  what type of vocabulary words can increase active participation in the


         activities one engages in across home, school, community, and employment settings.

in the book
 What are the six outcomes of a functional behavioral assessment?- List 3

·         Description of the student’s problem behavior and daily routines

·         Identification of consequence conditions that maintain the problem behavior

·         Identification of antecedent conditions that set the occasion for the problem behavior, as well as antecedent conditions that do not trigger the problem behavior.

·         Identification of setting events that make the problem behavior more sensitive (or less sensitive) to the maintaining consequences of their associated antecedents.

·         Production of a written hypothesis that synthesizes the foregoing info into a testable summary statement about the problem behavior


·         Direct observations of the student during typical daily routines for the purpose of tentatively confirming the hypothesis.

Be able to choose which statements should be used as guidelines in developing appropriate academic goals and objectives for students.

·         Put a checkmark beside statements that are guidelines for ^^.

Be able to choose which  statement   best describes the standards-referenced approach to developing academic goals and objectives for students.

·         3 statements. Choose the statement that best describes standards referenced approach.

Be able to construct a graph and plot data (include all pertinent information (i.e.criterion line; phase


          change line between baseline and intervention and   labels )


Be able to articulate your conclusions about the effect of the intervention on the behavior 

Umm what
Communication Dictionary

·         Dictionary used by teachers to identify the meaning of communication. A high pitched screech could mean the child is in pain

Be able to describe how you can convert task analytic data into a single numeric form for graphic



·         Put the dates across the bottom and the number of times at the top. You can assign numbers to the independent, verbal prompt, physical prompt, etc.

Testing Data

·         Testing- task discrepancy analysis- use this to design teaching.

Teaching Data

·         Teaching data could be used to say how effective instruction is.