"A-B-C" Model

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A behaviourist way of viewing the learning process. An antecedent (A) prompts a behaviour (B) followed by a concequence (C).


An event, object or circumstance, within the learning environment, that prompts a behaviour.


A response made by an individual.

Behaviour can be an indicator of learning.

What is an event, object or circumstance that follows a behaviour used to reinforce desired behaviours?


Jimmy is playing at the water table station when Mrs. Smith tells the class it is time for clean up. Jimmy then spits in the water station. Mrs. Smith sees this and makes him stay in at recess to clean the water station.


Which is the antecident? Behaviour? Consequence?

Antecident: Mrs. Smith tells the class it is clean up time.

Behaviour: Jimmy spits in the watet table

Consequence: Jimmy has to say in at recess and clean the water table.