data projection unit
device that plugs into the computer’s monitor port and projects the information that is seen on the computer monitor
data projector
projection unit that combines and LCD display and a light source into a single, relatively lightweight box
digital camera
works the same as a traditional camera except that the images are captured on a storage card rather than on film
graphics tablet that has the capability to convert written text or objects sketched on the screen into their digital equivalents
electronic versions of books for use on a PDA, tablet, iPad, or computer
electronic whiteboard
display surfaces used in classrooms that allow teachers and students to write and illustrate concepts
flat-bed scanner
most common type of scanner; makes a digital duplicate of whatever is placed face-down on the scanner bed; digital duplicate can be saved for use at a later time
graphics tablet
allows use of a stylus to write or draw diagrams; excellent tool for a teacher to use in the classroom with an electronic whiteboard
once popular devices (PDA) that allowed for information management, file creation, Internet access, and testing of skills; sales have dimished with popularity of Smartphones, tablet pc’s, iPods, and iPads
device that allows individual users to listen to information, music, audio files on a computer without disturbing others
scaled-down computers that are larger than PDAs and Smartphones, but smaller than laptop computers
OCR software
Optional Character Recognition software that is bundled with a scanner; recognizes printed characters when they are scanned and them turns them into their word-processing equivalent so they can be edited
points of connection between a computer system and its peripherals (printer, monitor, USB drive, etc.)
scan converter
inexpensive method of displaying a computer image from digital format (computer) to and analog format (television)
computers in your pocket with its own operating system, software, Internet access, and apps
packages that allow for individual productivity or to help teachers teach
component of a computer system that allows for transmission of sounds
tablet PC
portable computing device, some with touch screen capability
touch screen
computer monitor screen that responds to human touch
voice technology
allows a computer to accept voice commands and dictation of data
wireless fidelity; uses radio frequency to connect WiFi-capable computers to other digital devices to networks at very fast speeds; needs an access point
wireless devices
eliminates the need for hard wired connection for access to the Internet or personal files stored on a network