African Americans are considered…
Involuntary Minorities
The process of freeing slaves actually occurred…

2 years following the signing of the emancipation proclamation
Mr. Jensen is a well liked teacher who is enthusiastic about Social Studies and implements his lesson plans differently each day. Some days power point, small groups, and whole classes role playing. What kind of intercultural communication strategy is he infusing?
show flexibility and adaptability to make your classroom open and accessible to all
_____ refers to the adapted attitudes that result when individuals have internalized racist beliefs about minorities and these strongly held beliefs (conscious or not) influence their judgments in decision making in all aspects of human life.
Aversive Racism
Two individuals apply for a job. Equally educated and experienced. One is African American and one is caucasian. The African American is hired.

What practice is being illustrated?

goal-oriented affirmative action
For many traditional African Americans ______ are responsible for passing down values, stories, and traditions of the group.
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas..

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declared racial discrimination in schools is unconstitutional
This concept refers to the idea that low income and minority student households are repositories of diverse knowledge bases:
Fund of Knowledge
George is in the 12th grade and has been excelling in math but is not doing well in english. Considering commonly shared values/characteristics associated with the working class and poor individuals, what might be at play in this scenario?
Preference for action v. reflection
Tom says its a woman’s job to take care of the kids. This way of thinking is known as..


____ were white individuals who were either kidnapped, sentenced, or too poor to afford passage to North America so they sold themselves into temporary slavery.
Indentured Servants
Children in low income families fare more poorly than children in more affluent families in the area of…
 Health, economic security, education (All of the Above)
Which concept is a typical value/characteristic of the working class and poor?
Linear Social Relations
The U.S.

is viewed as a largely classless society. What does this mean?

The U.S. is mostly middle class and most individuals have the ability to succeed
All of the following help to maintain social class differences in the U.S.


working class families are less likely to maintain steady jobs in middle class
This point in history is seen as the starting point for the European American woman’s equality
Seneca Falls Convention
Behaviors and Characteristics associated with females and males are _____ reflecting the society and time they appear..


Socially Constructed
Feminitiy is defined as being…
____have been used as the basis for differential valuing and treatment of men and women…
gender based norms
Working part time is often seen as a viable choice for women who have children.

However, part time workers are all of the following except:

rarely adequately prepared educationally
What principle is not generally valued among members of the LGBTQ community?
gender conformity
In 2004, same-sex marriages became legal for residents of…

In the 80s, what was used as a justification for discrimination against gays and lesbians?
The spread of HIV and Aids
What incident ignited a large scale, mostly grassroots, gay liberation movement?
A police raid and subsequent riot at Stonewall bar
What is one reason LGBTQ history is considered invisible?
purposeful destruction of their writings
The 1993 “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy adopted by the U.S. military
was a step toward acceptance because it “permitted” gays and lesbians to serve in the    militaryfurther stigmatized gay s and lesbians by forcing them to hide their gayness and      therefore indicating that gay and lesbian lifestyles are unacceptable met with such stiff opposition from dominant culture that it eventually led to the      discharge of thousands of men and women from the armed forces  All of the Above
As is often true for members of other minority groups, gay and lesbians citizens have out of necessity become adapted at.


Either through ignorance or denial, teachers are often unaware within their classes…
the reality and existence of gay and lesbian students
LGBTQ citizens continue to struggle with…


 the protection of federal. state, and local statutes to prohibit discrimination in employmenthousing, job discrimination, and negative stereotypingchild custody, adoption. coupling, and health insurance  (All of the Above)
1. The Americans with Disabilities Act has helped address many areas of life where there could be potential barriers to inclusion and full participation. Which of the following area(s) has not been addressed by the ADA:
Physical Rehabilitation
2. Dylan was always a very smart child and showed knowledge beyond his grade level.

However, starting in the sixth grade, his academic achievement began to slip in his classes. After talking with Dylan, the teacher realized that Dylan was quite capable of completing his work, but he was bored with the material. It seemed that Dylan wasn’t being challenged enough. What is the best way to address Dylan’s educational needs?

Enrich his Curricula
Disability is defined as…
a. An observable, measurable characteristic of an individual that interferes with the individual’s functioning.
What would be the result of schools restricting their identification efforts of gifted students to test scores and grades:
Underrepresentation of minority students in gifted programs
Deaf culture encompasses:

The values and beliefs upheld by members of the deaf community, the use of American sign language, a common experience of oppression. (All of the Above)

Exceptional students are:
Students who require supplemental services to effectively facilitate their academic development
7. Exclusion of students with disabilities in schools continued late into the 1960s with many states having laws that excluded children who were categorized:
Deaf or blind, emotionally disturbed, disabled and/or mentally retarded (All of the Above)
In what ways to U.S. schools continue to reproduce a sorting system based on caste?
trackingsegregation in academic subjects like industrial arts and consumer economicsenrolling students with disabilities in special education pull-out programs(all of the above)
Cultural deprivation theory blames minority student underachievement in the U.S.


cognitive or linguistic deficiencies that supposedly exist within impoverished minority student community environments
Cultural difference theory blames minority student underachievement in the U.

S. on

unresponsive inadequate educational instruction
Oppositional cultures theory blames minority student underachievement in the U.S. on…
unresponsive inadequate educational instructionlacking opportunity structures in societystudents’ orientations to U.

S. schooling(all of the above)

Remediation curricula often fails to close achievement gaps because…

Remedial courses often teach students basic academic skills that will not prepare students to function in classes that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Stratification and opportunity structures present in society and schools that assign status and rewards to students not only places and maintains minority students in subordinate positions in society but also_______.
justifies their stratified placement in those positions
Brandon is an 11th grade African American student who is very popular among his African American peers. He has become aware that when he gets good grades, his peers kid him calling him a “brown nose”. He decides to study in secret and act like he doesnt care about school in front of his classmates and friends. Which of the following strategies described by Ogbu might Brandon be using in order to promote school success?
According to Fordham, gender passing is a reality for female students because…

The first and only commandment for all women in the academy is “Thou shalt be taken seriously”
Educational researchers have documented a statistically significant relationship between social class status and academic achievement. They have consistently found that:
Social class and academic achievement are positively correlated
Ogbu recommends the following to improve minority student achievement..


The opening of opportunity structures through lobbying efforts and legislation for minority students Minority communities must strengthen their efforts to help minority children learn to disassociate achievement striving with denial of identityTeachers and schools should help minority students separate the idea of “rule following” from “the selling out’ and loss of their identity(All of the Above)
Teachers and students alike must also come to understand that what is presented as truth” cannot help but be reflective of…

dominant-culture values and biases of the time
What has come to be considered knowledge is necessarily incomplete and inaccurate due to the…
absence of minority voices
An example of the universal referent is.


referring to all individuals as members of ”mankind.

The practice of simply including work from members of a marginalized group in one’s curriculum in effort to infuse diversity is called
While ___________ provides evidence of an awareness of exclusion as a problem in diversity education, it minimizes the extent and complexity of the problem.
During this stage of curriculum transformation, teachers believe their students need diverse role models and engage in a search of minority figures who are good enough to be included in their programs of study.
Stage 2
During this stage of curriculum transformation, the absence of the marginalized group is not noticed.
Stage 1
During this stage of curriculum transformation, teachers may experience student resistance as classrooms heat up when discussions occur about oppression. subordination, and understanding the experiences of marginalized groups.
Stage 4
During Stage 5 of curriculum transformation, teachers do all of the following except
ask why marginalized groups and their perspectives are devalued and not included in their curricula
During Stage 6 of curriculum transformation, ________ instead of products, is emphasized.