Plyer v. Doe
Addressed whether Mexican immigrant students needed to be provided with free public education. The court ruled that prohibiting the students from school was discrimination and violated the 14th amendment.
Parents v. Seattle
Schools were assigned quotas of race for the school choice plan; court ruled that the plan was unconstitutional.
Killion v. Franklin
Student created derogatory list about a teacher; he did not publicize it or make it on school property. Court ruled that his suspension was unconstitutional (violated 1st amendment).
Ingraham v. Wright
Dealt with corporeal punishment in schools. 2 students were severely beaten, resulting in hospitalization. Court ruled taht this did not violate the 8th or 14th amendments, regardless of severity.
Flores v. Arizona
LEP instruction was not provided to ESL students; they performed more poorly than their english-speaking peers. Court ruled that this was a violation of the Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1974/
GI Forum v. Texas
Minority students that did not pass the TAAS test said that it was discriminatory. Court ruled with Texas, saying the test was not discriminatory and the students had plenty of opportunities to learn the material and pass.
Lemon v. Kurtzman
Government was contributing money to religious schools for secular subjects. Lemon test was developed: does it have a secular purpose, does it advance or impede religion, and does it foster relationship between gov/church. Court ruled that this monetary contribution did foster a relationship b/n church and gov, and thus violated the first amendment.

Grutter v. Bollinger


University of Michigan used race as a factor in admissions process. Cour tuled that this didn’t because the policy was narrowly tailored and promoted diversity.
Edwards v. Aguillard
Public schools taught creationism and evolution. Court ruled that this was unconsititutional because it promoted a specific religion.
Timothy H. v. Cedar Rapids
A disabled student wanted transportation to a school outside of her district; it was not provided. Court ruled that this was not discriminatory because transportation would be an undue financial burden on the district.
Eric v. Causby
If students didn’t pass a state test, they were held back, regardless of prior academic performance (did this violate 14th amend?). Court dismissed the case because federal courts had no business in education.