Signals to get students to do something, for example holding up a book for them to take out a book
Message or announcement to get the students attention. Initiating a class activity before students can start their own conversation.
“im waiting” pause while students are talking
“id like to start to read.. Id like to.. Id like” wait them out technique
Eye Contact
Focus your eyes on the misbehavior make solid eye contact.
“sit down please” by pointing to the seat, hold your finger to your lips to be quiet.
Movine In
Move calmly in the direction of misbehavior, sometimes even whisper “we need your attention too”
Moving a students seat
Broken Record
When students are inclined to argue use this technique. “but I need to sharpen my pencil” “not now, please sit down.. “but the lead” “late. please sit down”.. “but” “sit down, now”
Ignore students comments that are off topic, or say im willing to listen to this after class”
Time out
Review the class rules if students are misbehaving. Say, some of you seem to be confused as to what s expected, maybe i didnt make myself clear let me go over this again
may be with just student or student and parent
if necessary send child to principle
Use your eyes to scan classroom while other teachings are going on. such as taking attendance
I dont like that, I do like this.. shows authority.
Perform as a group with the expectation system installed.
Prep for lesson list possibly problems that may occur so you are prepared
Recap , figure out what students learned
Positive Framing
Be positive, tell students they are doing well.