What does the unit’s mission statement provide? 1-2
An overall snapshot of the organization’s goals and capabilities.
What are the three parts of the work center mission? 1-2
Purpose, Products, Customers
What is a training needs assessment? 1-2
When the supervisor identifies all the tasks being performed in the work center.
What determines your training needs ? 1-2
The difference between what should be trained vs what is currently being trained.

What tasks should be included when completing a needs assessment? 1-2
Daily/Routine, Additional Duties, Contingency, Recurring, Special Work
What are the three sources of information you can use to identify work center tasks? 1-2
Existing Documents, Interviews, Questionnaires
What document is used by manpower and personnel to manage workforce requirements? 1-3
Unit Manning Document (UMD)
What document assits personnel specialists in position number management and provides a means of monitoring unit manning and controlling incoming and intra-unit assignments? 1-3
Unit Personnel Manpower Roster (UPMR)
What item is generic in nature and describes the duties and responsibilities of all AFSCs? 1-3
Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory (AFECD)
What comphrehensive document identifies life cycle education and training requirements; training support resources and minimum core task requirements for a specialty? 1-3
Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP)
What is another name for the CFETP Part II and what does it describe? 1-3
Specialty Training Standard (STS); it lists the tasks an individual in that specialty may be expected to perform or know.
What document specifies what is taught in the resident tech schools and CDC and to what level of performance? 1-3
What comprehensive task list is prepared by AF Career Field Managers for a particular job type, duty position, or defense system? 1-4
Air Force Job Qualification Standard (AFJQS)
Which document helps standardize upgrade and qualification training by identifying the minimum tasks individuals must be qualified to perform? 1-4
Name the other documents that can be used to identify tasks to be perfomred in the work center besides the JQS. 1-4
Policy directives, Manuals, Handbooks, TOs, Military and civilian position descriptions, Base operations plans, SAVs, Production records, Mission statements
What two qualifications must be met for someone to be considered a subject matter expert? 1-5
Field expertise and Recent job experience
What kind of information will a SME give you? 1-5
Information to help determine tasks required for a work center or duty position.
What are the three phases of the SME interview? 1-5
Preparing, Conducting, Concluding the interview
What are the four parts of the SME interview preparation phase? 1-5
Researching, Developing questions, Setting up the interview, Preparing the room
When researching for the SME interview, what document is important to review? 1-5
Air Force Mission Directives (AFMD)
What will the base operation plan (OPlan) help you identify? 1-5
Special, Contingency, Recurring, or Local taskings
What kind of questions should you use when interviewing a SME? 1-6
Subject specific
What should you do prior to conducting the SME interview? 1-6
Get a list of SME’s available.
What should you give the SME prior to the interview and why? 1-6
A list of questions; This give the SME time to prepare and will save time during the interview.
What is the purpose of the SME interview? 1-7
To gain information from the expert.
What form will be used to document any tasksings not on an existing training standard? 1-7
AF For 797
What are the three sections to the SME questionaire? 1-7
Instructions, Background information sheet, Questions
What are the two types of questions you can ask a SME? 1-8
Selection, Supply
What kind;of questions should you use if you want easier tabulation interpretation? 1-8
What is the advanatage of using open-ended questions? 1-8
The response may provide information beyond the scope of your original question.
What must every work center have to identify all tasks to be completed? 1-10
Master task listing
Whats one way to develop an MTL? 1-11
Circle the required tasks in the CFETP and identify the skill levels for performing each task.

What are the three different training standards you can use to develop the MTL? 1-11
What kind of tasks are placed on a AFF 797? 1-11
Locally required tasks
Who finalizes the contents of a CFETP? 1-11
SME’s from all using MAJCOM’s during a Utilization and Training Workship (U ; TW)
What is the AFJQS? 1-11
A comprehensive task list that AFCEMs prepare to describe a particular job type or duty position.
What does the JQS list? 1-11
Minimum tasks everyone assigned to similar AFSC duty positions must perform.
What are the three steps in developing a 797? 1-11
1. Determine what the task is and its title2.

The subtasks required3. Technical references.

Define;task. 1-12
An observable and measurable unit of work with a definite beginning and end.

Define duty. 1-12
An action that is broad in meaning and consists of numerous tasks.
How do you identify a task? 1-12
Use a descriptive title starting with an action verb.
What must be listed after documenting tasks and subtasks on a 797? 1-12
Technical references
How do you know if you have a lack of training capability? 1-13
If you discover that no one is available to train the individuals.
Where is the first place to look for potential trainers? 1-13
Manning documents
What can base level personnel use to determine if any one on station holds the AFSC? 1-14
What TSC is used when a training ability is not available for upgrade or qualification training? 1-14
What do maintenance units use to track training? 1-14
Integrated Maintenance Data Systems (IMDS)
When does;the supervisor and UTM conduct an initial evaluation on fromal school graduates and reassigned personnel? 1-14
Within 60 days of assignemnt, 120 for ARC personnel.
Where can you find a list of mandatory forms used to document training? 1-15
When conducting an inital evaluation on a reassigned individual, what will you need to match? 1-15
The individual’s qualifications to the work center requirements.
How does the supervisor assign tasks? 1-15
Based on the number and types of personnel assigned to the work center.
What is one of the biggest problems with accomplishing training? 1-15
Finding time for training
How can you avoid mission stoppage if an individual is removed? 1-15
Ensure several individuals are trained in all the work center required tasks.

How do you find the sum total that represents the work center training requirements? 1-16
Take the training requirements for each individual and add these tasks together.
Where can you find what CDC’s are required for an AFSC? 1-16
Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning (AFIADL)
Who determines the CDC volume completion order and how long does the trainee have to complete each volume? 1-16
Supervisor; 30 days
What is an AFIADL Form 34? 1-16
Field-Scoring Answer Sheet(Bubble Sheet)
Prior to the trainee taking the course exam, what two things must the supervisor do? 1-16
Conduct a comprehensive review fo the entire CDC and document the review on a 623a.
When must the trainee take the course exam? 1-16
Within 30 days of notification of arrival.
In what month will the UTM process an extention request through MilPDS if the trainee has not taken the course exam? 1-16
10th month
What should the UTM request if the trainee is at the 8th month of CDC enrollment and is within 60 days of PCS? 1-17
Request a course extension
Who can approve a course reactivation if it’s within 90 days or less? 1-17
Squaron commander
If the course experation is over 90 days who must approve the request? 1-17
Group commander
How many reactivations may be granted per course? 1-17
Who can receive a reenrollment and who cannot? 1-17
Individuals whose initial enrollment has expired prior to their completion and a new CDC version has replaced the original version. This does not apply to two time failures.
Training plans are developed in the form of objectives. What do these objectives do? 1-19
Objectives serve as a road map so the trainee and the trainer can see what needs to be done after the training is conducted.
Name the three parts of any objective.

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Condition, Performance/behavior, Standard
What does the condition describe? 1-19
The circumstances for evaluation.
What does the performance/behavior tell the trainee? 1-19
Exactly what is required.
What should preced the rest of the statement when developing the performance/behavior part? 1-19
A verb.

What does a standard tell an individual? 1-19
How well or to what degree of proficiency the objective must be performed.
What is a standard based on? 1-20
Air Force, MAJCOM, and local policies.
What is the GO/NO GO level based on? 1-20
Whether an individual can or can’t do the job.
What are the only two basic ways to measure a person’s knowledge of a subject? 1-20
Written or oral testing
What does AFMAN 36-2236, Guidebook for Air Force Instructions cover? 1-20
Written tests in depth
What are the two types of written tests? 1-20
Selection and supply
What are the three types of selection tests? 1-20
Multiple choice, matching, true/false
What are the three types of supply tests? 1-20
Essay, short answer, completion
How do you know when a test is valid? 1-22
When it measure what it is supposed to measure.
A test is considered to be what when it yields the same results consistently? 1-22
Why is a written test more reliable than a performance test? 1-22
With a written test there are regulations that can be reviewed to determine if the student knows the material. With a performance test the student only performs as well as they have trained.

A test is comprehensive when what are measured? 1-22
All objectives taught
How do you know when a test is objective? 1-22
When personal bias or prejudice is removed from the rating system.
When will a test show differentiation? 1-22
When it distinguishes between poor, average, and outstanding trainees.
What are the three areas a performance test is broken into? 1-22
Development of the test; checklist used to rate a students performance; evaluator training
What are the three parts of a performance test? 1-23
Objective; references/material; instructions
What should you include in the instructions? 1-23
Reasons for automatic failure, safety, or when the student can request assistance.
What should you use to score a performance test? 1-23
What should be included on the checklist instructions? 1-23
What constitutes a passing or failing score.

What is the definition of error of standard? 1-23
The evaluator sets the standard based on his or her own ability.
What is the error of logic? 1-23
The evaluator gives a final score based on only seeing one portion of the task being performed.
What has occured when the evaluator does not allow either a high or low score? 1-24
Error of central tendency
What has occured when the evaluator gives a score/grade based on the impression of the trainee? 1-24
Error of halo
What are the two reasons for doing a task breakdown? 1-25
1. Make sure all parts of a task are identified; 2. Make sure all trainees are taught a task completely
What are the three resources you can use when doing research? 1-25
Yourself, books, other experts
What are the three steps to identifying a task breakdown? 1-26
Subtasks, procedural skills, supporting knowledge
What should you do after you complete the task breakdown? 1-26
Review it for completeness, accuracy, and required equipment.
What are the 4 steps of the introduction? 1-27
Attention, motivation, overview, transition
List three ways to write the development or body step of a lesson plan.


Single-page, two-column, two-page
A summary, remotivation, and closure are included in what part of the lesson plan? 1-27
During what part of the lesson plan should you never add new information? 1-27
What are the two ways to validate a training program? 1-32
Use a SME or trainees
Where should you start to look for problems with a test? 1-32
Start by looking at task objectives
Where should you start looking for problems with a lesson plan? 1-33
By reviewing the task breakdown.
What is it called when you go into a work center and visit with the supervisor, trainers, and trainees? 1-34
Informal workcenter visit
What is the purpose of a formal visit? 1-34
To find any existing problems and help the supervisor solve them.
What must candidates for retraining complete? 2-1
An interview process
Who completes the interview for retrainees interested in joining the 3S2X1 career field? 2-2
Base 3S2X1 functional manager
What are two requirements that are not immediately recognizable of members wanting to retrain into 3S2X1? 2-2
Ability to work with people and to communicate effectively.
Where is the most desirable place to initially be assigned as a 3S2? 2-4
What other community do base training managers closely work with that involve upgrades, promotions, and seperation matters? 2-5
The personnel community
What two areas will the education office provide guidance and counsel to both military and civilian personnel? 2-5
Education goals and educational programs
As the education and training manager for the base you will be the OPR for what important MAJCOM program? 2-5
On-the-job training
Who may need to get involved if training problems cannot be handled at the local level? 2-6
Installation commander
Who provides guidance to the MAJCOM functional manager when problems arise with training capability? 2-6
MAJCOM training manager
What organization is responisible for advising inspection and evaluation agencies on training policies and procedures and also for reviewing and coordinating draft CFETP’s prior to publication? 2-7
Why should you always consult with the maintenance UTM before initiating a training supplement or OI? 2-7
The new supplement/OI might conflict with governing maintenance publications.
What is the next step after you receive a survey with a suspense date from the base training office? 2-7
Forward the survey to the affected personnel and add a new suspense date for the survey to be returned to you.
What two offices are involved in withdrawing an AFSC or removing a trainee from UGT? 2-7
Base and MAJCOM education and training office
What is the key ingredient in any case involving an AFSC withdrawal? 2-7
What are the five factors to consider when determining whether a waiver request deserves approval? 2-8
Eudcation, training, knowledge, experience, other
What AFI covers the processing of waiver requests? 2-9
36-2101 Classifying Military Personnel (Officers and Airmen)
Who decides when a waiver is appropriate? 2-9
Immediate supervisor and commander
Who determines whether the trainee meets or exceeds the experience and training requirements in the CFETP when requesting a waiver? 2-10
MAJCOM Training Manager
What are the two ways publications can be displayed? 2-12
Paper or digital
What are the two systems of Air Force publications? 2-13
Standard and specialized
Which of the two systems of publications are issued by SECAF, CSAF, Commanders, and staff officials to announce policies, assign responsibilities, prescribe procedures,;direct actions, and inform people? 2-13
Give two examples of specialized publications. 2-23
TO’s and CFETP’s
What two categories are standard and specialized publications broken-down into? 2-13
Directive and nondirective
Which publications are necessary to meet the requirements of law, safety, security, or other areas that benefit the Air Force? 2-13
;What are policy directives? 2-13
Orders of the SECAF that contain policy statements used to regulate actions of conduct within their specified areas of responsibility.
What documents are statements of officially sanctioned beliefs and war fighting principles that describe and guide the proper use of air and space forces in military action.

They also provide the foundation for Air Force policies? 2-13

Doctrine documents
Who may supplement mission directives? 2-13
Only the unit described in the title.
What is used if you want to direct action, ensure compliance, or give detalied procedures to standard action across the Air Force? 2-13
What are extentions of instructions? 2-13
What publications contain mutually agreed-upon policies or procedures between one or more military departments? 2-14
Interservice publications
What are auxiliary publications that extent or add material to publications issued by higher HQ or agencies? 2-14
What type of instruction assigns responsibility, directs action, and prescribes procedures? 2-14
Operating Instruction
What kind of publication is informal and suggest guidance; however compliance is expected? 2-14
Nondirective publications
Which publication is normally a “how to” document? 2-14
What item is used to facilitate reference? 2-14
Master catalog
What item provides the technical aspects of a particular subject? 2-14
List the three types of recurring publications. 2-14
Magazines, periodicals, newsletters
Items that are not subject to revisions, not shown in an index, and usually not numbered are called what? 2-15
Nonrecurring pamphlets
What are the two types of visual aids? 2-15
Permanent and temporary
What information will official bulletins carry? 2-15
Temporary announcements, notices, and instructions.
How should you make changes when reviewing a JQS? 2-15
Make pencil changes to the tasks and technical references and line through any tasks not required at your base.
What are the three basic types of edits? 2-16
Technical, composition, instructional
What is an AF Form 388, Communication Control Record, used for? 2-17
To control suspenses
What document is used to identify personnel demonstrating unsatisfactory progress in UGT? 2-18
OJT Roster
If the squadron has a quality control section, what two items should you review that might indicate potential training problems? 2-18
AF Form 803, Unit Safety Reports
What is the definition of counseling;according to;AFMAN 36-2236 Chapter 30? 2-19
The process involving a helping relationship directed toward improvement or change in student behavior.

What are the two ways you can give counseling? 2-19
Advice giving and problem solving
What are the three phases or cycles of problem solving? 2-19
Self exploration, self-understanding and trainee action
What TSC are you placing a trainee in when you add the following statement…”I have been briefed on my promotion status while in withdrawl from UGT.


When will the commander evaluate the trainee as to their eligibility to reenter UGT? 2-20
90 days
Who will take action if the Base E;T manager or the trainee does not concur with the withdrawl from UGT? 2-20
MPF chief
What is the first step in analyzing the lack of a training capability? 2-21
Research and validate the problem
Where is the first place to look for a potential trainer outside the work center? 2-22
What is the primary source of information on available education and training courses? 2-22
Civilian contract courses usually occur with the purchase of what? 2-22
The purchase of new equipment by the Air Force.
What is the primary source for correspondence programs? 2-23
What is the lead command for AF distance learning? 2-24
Who is responsible for the Air Technology Network? 2-24
Air Force Institute of Technology
What type of training is additional training via computer assisted, paper text, interactive video, or other necessary means to supplement training? 2-25
Exportable training
What is another name for exportable training? 2-24
Type 6 and JST
What type of training is computer controlled where the learning experience is based on the interaction between the learner and the computer system? 2-25
Interactive course ware
What are the advantages to the Air Force in regard to JST? 2-25
Reduce training costs, manpower and facilities
When should Interactive television be used? 2-25
When real-time instructor/student interaction is required but hands-on training and special equipment requirements are low.

Who has overall responsibility for JST courses? 2-26
Training managers
The following six elements describe what? 1. Course announcement 2. Data call 3. Validating training 4.

Training delivery 5. Course completion 6. Student tracking 2-26

JST administration process
What two way will the Training Manager publicize course announcements? 2-26
ETCA, USAF Formal Schools and Air Force Training Managemnt System (AFTMS)
What two things must every JST course be assigned? 2-26
A course identifier and title
What is the AF Form 3933? 2-26
MAJCOM Mission Training Request
Who builds the classes in AFTMS? 2-26
2nd Air Force
When must the distribution function dispatch training material? 2-26
30 days prior to class start date
When will course material for out-of-cycle requirements be dispatched? 2-26
Within 15 days of receipt of request
Where will the ICW element search for courses that have already been developed? 2-27
Defense Instructional Technology Information Systems (DITIS) courseware inventory
Before using any ICW or COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) courses what must be obtained? 2-27
Request and receive a copywright release in writing
Who serves as the life-cycle management activity for both local and contractor-developed courseware? 2-27
ICW element
What two formats will ICW element use to create interactive courseware? 2-28;
Analog and digital;
What does AFI 65-601, Vol 1 cover? 2-28
Budget Guidance
How do you project a training budget? 2-28
Identify your financial training needs over the next 2 – 5 years by reviewing historical data, mission statements, and applicable publications.

What should you use as a baseline when setting up your annual budget? 2-28
The previous years budget
What three things should you project before submitting your budget? 2-28
TDY’s, equipment needs, supplies
The following three aspects: 1. Did you use provided resources? 2. What did you purchase with allocated funds? 3. What capabilities did you attain compared to intended goals?; refer to what? 2-28
Executing the budget
Why should you make sure all obligations used/recorded by 30 Sep are valid? 2-29
To prevent loss of funds due to administrative error
What are the three basic steps in handling local training requirements? 2-29
Review, validate, process the request
How do you validate a training request? 2-29
Determine if the training is mission essential
How far in advance will HQ AF allow MAJCOMS to project their training requirements? 2-29
2 years prior to implementation
What kind of training is not included in ETCA and is contracted with civilian industrial or educational institutions? 2-30
Type 1 Special Contract Training
What type of training is normally conducted at AETC bases by AETC instructors? 2-30
Type 2 AETC Resident Special Training
What type of training is of continuing nature that includes basic, lateral, advanced, or supplemental courses? 2-30
Type 3 Resident Regular Training
What is special or regular on-site training conducted by training detachments (TD) or by mobile training teams (MTT)? 2-30
Type 4 Field Technical Training
What is training conducted for the AF by agencies other than AETC? 2-30
Type 5 Other US Government Agency Training
What is formal training developed by a training wing or TRW contractor to be exported to a feld location and designed to be learned without an AETC course qualified instructor expertise at the site? 2-30
Type 6 Job Site Training
When you need training because of a change in personnel, new equipment, a career field merger, or underestimating the work center’s training needs you need what kind of training request? 2-30
Special training or out-of-cycle training request
What AFI covers Employee Training and Development? 2-30
What does MRTP and TRQI stand for? 2-30
Mission Readiness Training Program; Training Requester Quota Identifier
What are two types of out-of-cycle training requests for emergency requirements? 2-30
Unprogrammed emergency and time-critical
Who must you coordinate special training of civilian personnel? 2-30
Civilian Personnel Flight
What are the two parts of the customer service information process? 2-33
The customer service information line (CSIL) and any other written method by which the field communicates to a training group to ask questions or express concerns or problems with training received
What is the name of the direct dial telephone system by which any field user can communicate directly with his or her training group concerning training issues? 2-34
Customer Service Information Line (CISL)
How long after a CSIL call is received does the training group have to provide information to the caller and who prepares the reply? 2-34
5 days; the person most qualified to answer the inquiry prepares the reply
What is the name of the 1 page survey that asks for supervisor feedback on how the trainee is progressing? 2-34
Graduate Assessment Survey (GAS)
What is the name of the visit that is used to evaluate graduates who have graduated from a tech school 4 to 6 months earlier? 2-34
Field Interview
What kind of questionnaire deals with specific tasks relating to the career field? 2-35
Field evlauation questionnaire
What are the 6 basic steps when conducting a SAV? 2-35

Schedule the visit; 2. Make previsit preparations; 3. Conduct the visit; 4. Out brief; 5. Prepare report; 6. Assist in corrective actions

What part of the SAV covers reviewing directives, mission statements, and wartime tasking that govern the unit? 2-35
Previsit preparations
When you review the units statistics during a SAV, what information are you looking at? 2-36
Number in UGT and qualification training, number in each TSC, number enrolled in CDC’s, exam pass/fail rate, safety reports and quality assurance evaluations if available
When interviewing personnel during a SAV, what two things are you looking for? 2-36
Problems that may have occured during training and good points to praise later
What is training capacity? 2-36
The number of trainees that can be effectively trained by one trainer
Where will you look to find how many of each skill level is assigned? 2-37
What should you do when reviewing third-party task certification procedures? 2-38
Request to have a task certification done during your visit.
What should you always do when providing solutions or recommendations? 2-38
Provide more than one alternative
Who should receive a copy of a SAV report? 2-39
The unit, each work center visited and copy in the E&T files.

Who is required to complete the Air Force Training Course? 2-39
Personnel who conduct training and certify training tasks.
What is the basic reason for an Education and Training Meeting? 2-40
To discuss E&T with the supervisors.
What are the three common purposes for a meeting? 2-40
Distribute information, solve problems, conduct training
What is AFMAN 33-326? 2-41
Preparing Official Communications
What should you base a test? 2-42
The training standard
What security measures should you take when controling test material? 2-43
All test material should be logged in, access limited, inventoried, signed out, and signed back in each time it is used.
What is the purpose of test validation? 2-43
To verify whether the test is usable and what if anything needs correction.
What are the three ways of disposing of test material? 2-43
Shredding, pulping, or burning
When is a training requirement considered overdue and when will IMDS give a notice of required training courses needing completion? 2-44
At the end of the month when the training is due; 90 days
What will be used to check the system for classes not completed? 2-44
Uncompleted event listing
What form is used to show the number of classes requested and completed and the number of personnel who were trained? 2-45
AFF 898, Field Training Requirements Scheduling Document
Courses that satisfy specific weapon system or equipment specific training needed by personnel in the maintenance complex are called what? 2-45
Priority courses
Who can designate additional courses as priority courses? 2-45
MXG Commander
How far in advance will the AFF 898 or approved automated system project routine and priority TD training requirements? 2-45
3 months
When is the training schedule considered official? 2-46
When the NCOIC/OIC of the MTF, TD Chief/Commander, and MXG Commander have signed it.
Who is responsible for coordinating aircraft and equipment requests between the TD and host base? 2-46
The Maintenance Training Flight
What’s the most effective way to use a TD? 2-46
Fill all quotas for each class
How should personnel with over seas orders complete their training? 2-46
Complete their training courses before reporting overseas.

What must be updated before you can update the event to attending status? 2-47
What is the most cost effective means of completing training if you have a large backlog? 2-47
Request a TD instructor be sent TDY to your base.
How long should you allow from the date of your request until the first preferred class date? 2-47
At least four weeks
What review;must SME’s complete each year that requires them to check course documents for technical accuracy? 2-47
Instructional Systems Reviews (ISR)
What AFI covers The Education Services Program? 3-1
What are the three levels of command that are involved in the administration and implementation of the education program? 3-2
HQ USAF, MAJCOM/FOA, installation
Who is assigned the installation’s educational responsibilities? 3-2
Education services officer (ESO)
When is a needs assessment conducted and who is surveyed?; 3-2
Once every three years or when a major population change occurs; a representative sample of officer/enlisted and other eligible personnel
How are Education Service Center financially supported? 3-2
Appropriated funds based on budget estimates
What are non-personal service contracts (NPSC) used for? 3-2
To procure specific and limited services.
What is the estimated annual cost a NPSC many not exceed unless approved by MAJCOM? 3-3
What kind of courses do proprietary schools offer? 3-3
Correspondence courses
When should the ESO contact each newcomer to set up an initial appointment? 3-5
Within 5 days after receiving the listing
What are the three characteristics always presnet in an effective briefing? 3-5
Accuracu, brevity, clarity
What is the first step in planning a briefing? 3-5
Determine the purpose
What is the 2nd step in planning a briefing? 3-5
Analyze your audience
What is the backbone of any briefing? 3-5
What are the three main parts to any briefing? 3-6
Introduction, body, conclusion
What are the two parts of the introduction? 3-6
Identification and purpose, overview
What is the key to a successful education program? 3-7
Accurate and current information must be available on the educational and professional status and progress of each individual
What is the system that lets education offices record individual education information on an electronic version of the AF Form 186? 3-7
Air Force Automated Education Management System (AFAEMS)
When a student has missing grades or outstanding reimbursement action, what should the ESC update their status to? 3-7
Visit reqd
What does the Education Services Program Annual Report include? 3-8
Participation and enrollment statistics of military personnel (AD, AFR, ANG) serviced by the ESC.
What is the active duty service commitment officers incur after completing a course with aid from TA? 3-10
2 years
What is AF Form 1227? 3-10
Authority for Tuition Assistance
What two organizations must accredit a school for military members to receive TA? 3-10
A national or regional accrediting body recognized by COPA and the Dept.

of Education

According to the DOD Appropriations Act, who is not eligible for TA? 3-11;
Military personnel who are convicted of a crime that prevents them from pursuing their studies
What form is the basis of certification and payment for TA? 3-11;
AFF 1227
Who controls TA funds on each base? 3-11;
Accounting and finance office
What must officers have before TA is approved? 3-12;
A completed AF Form 233, Specified Period of Time Contract (SPTC) verifying he or she has the required retainability
What form is used to record and process requests for withdrawals from courses involving TA and waiver of TA reimbursements? 3-12;
AF Form 118 Refund of Tuition Assistance
How long does the ESO have to determine whether to waive the requirement to refund TA? 3-12;
60 days
How long is the reimbursement action delayed when a student receives an Incomplete? 3-12;
12 months
When must collection action be taken after the reimbursement time period for an incomplete has expired? 3-13;
10 days
How many days does a student have to reply to a reimbursement determination? 3-13;
What are the two reasons an ESO may suspend TA? 3-13;
Individuals who repeatedly receives grades of F or withdraws from courses for reason within their control
How long is the ordinary perios of education, training, or research for Master’s Programs? PhD’s? 3-14
2 years or less; 3 years
What is the only federally chartered military institution in the US? 3-16
Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)
When and where did the CCAF begin? 3-16
1 Apr 72; Randolph AFB, TX
What are the four goals of CCAF? 3-16
Programs. Awareness, Resources, Values
Who is the conferring authority for CCAF degrees? 3-17
AETC Commander
Who are the five ex officio member of the Board of Visitors (BOV)? 3-17
AETC Commander, CCAF Commander/President, CMSAF, AETC Command Chief, Chair of AU BOV
Who chairs the CCAF policy council? 3-17
VP for academic affairs
How many semesters hours are needed for a CCAF? 3-17
What is the preferred method of completing the leadership, management, and military studies portion of the CCAF? 3-18
Complete PME
What is the maximum number of semester hours that can be applied to a CCAF from degree-applicable testing? 3-19
After registering for a CCAF how long does a student have to complete their courses? 3-19
6 years
What form is used to request CCAF transcripts? 3-19
AF Form 2099
What is the CCAF prgress report? 3-20
An advisement tool designed to help map out a path for degree completion
What program did the Air Force Educational Leave of Absence replace? 3-21
Operation Bootstrap
What’s the maximum time a member can take for AFELA? 3-21
Not to exceed 2 years
What is the active duty commitment a person occurs when using AFELA? 3-21
2 months for every month of leave taken
What does an educational deferment prevent? 3-21
Prevents an idividual’s PCS departure before he/she completes a specific education program
Where is AFIT located? 3-23
What is the AFIT’s mission? 3-23
To support defense through graduate, professional continuing education and research programs
What two services does AFIT provide? 3-23
Degree granting programs and PCE; Specialized training programs
What are the grade requirements to attend AFIT? 3-24
O-6 or below
What is the maximum number of months a member may spend in AFIT? 3-25
What is the maximum time an individual may spend at an institution (resident or civilian) during a single AFIT tour? 3-25
36 consecutive months
AFIADL provides more than 350 correspondence study courses in what three categories? 3-26
What rank must a member be to attend SOC? 3-28
O-3 and above
Who can attend AWC? 3-28
O-5 select and above
What makes specialized courses (SC)unique? 3-29
They are designed to broaden one’s knowledge of a job not necessarily required for skill upgrade
Where is DANTES located and who controlls it? 3-29
Pensacola, FL; Ast Secretary of Defense
What form is used to enroll students in DANTES courses? 3-30
DANTES Form 1562/31
How is TA paid for correspondence courses vs resident courses? 3-30
TA for a correspondence course is paid after the fact while TA for resident study is paid up front