Bd. of Ed. of Westside Community Schools v. Mergens
TOPIC: Must schools allow student religious groups to meet? RULING: Equal Access Act constitutional. If open forum created by other non-curricular groups, school must allow religious groups
Swanson V. Guthrie
TOPIC: Should home-schooled students be permitted to participate in public school extra-curricular activities? RULING: No–upheld school full-time attendance policy for participation
Brown v. Gilmore
TOPIC: Is a minute of silence in class constitutional? RULING: Yes as the time can be used for non-secular purposes also. It was not intended to promote prayer.
Wallace v. Jaffee
TOPIC: Is school sponsored silent prayer time unconstitutional? RULING: Yes–purpose of local law was to return prayer to school which is unconstitutional.
Zorach v. Clauson
TOPIC: Can students be released for religious instruction? RULING: Yes, if instruction is not held on school premisis.
McCollum v. Bd. of Ed of School Dist. No. 71
TOPIC: Can public school property be used for religious instruction? RULING: No, violates 1st Amendment. Can meet off campus.
Lynch v. Donnelly
TOPIC: Display of Christmas tree in park owned by non-profit group. RULING: Context of display did not endorse religion
Santa Fe Ind. School District v. Doe
TOPIC: Does student-led/initiated prayer at football games violate the Establishement Clause? RULING: Yes.
Fuhr v. School Dist of the City of Hazel Park
TOPIC: Was there sexual discrimination is hiring male over female Bball coach? RULING: Yes, gender was a factor which is not allowed under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.