Descriptive Research
A researcher concludes from his study that, on a typical school day, students spend only fifty percent of their time engaged in learning. What specific type of research must have been conducted in order for this conclusion to be valid?
Direction and strength of a relationship
A correlation coefficient indicates the
Moderately or strongly negative
What size of correlation coefficient is likely to be obtained between the amount of alcohol consumed and the quality of physical balance?
The most likely correlation between height and shoe size of adults is
Is unlikely to have occured by chance
When an experimental result is reported in the research literature as significant, this result…
Preoperational thought
Michelle covers her own eyes, because she thinks her friends will not see her when playing a game of hide-and-seek. What stage of Piaget’s cognitive theory does this account best illustrate?
When we try a particular strategy and it does not work, the discomfort we experience is called
Concrete operations
Corinne has mastered this type of problem. “If the white house is bigger than the blue house, and the blue house is bigger than the red house?” What stage of Piaget’s cognitive theory does this situation best illustrate?
Gaining weight from age 2 to 3.
An example of maturation is
Jeannie observed rocks sinking in water and said, “I already knew that. All rocks sink.” Then she saw a piece of pumice floating on water and was told that pumice is a rock. Several days later, she was asked again if rocks sink in water. She replied, “Well, most do.” In Piaget’s terms, what process did Jeannie use to draw this conclusion?
Preoperational thought
Nathan is shown two balls of clay that he identifies as equal in quantity. When one of the balls is then rolled into a sausage, Nathan says that piece (i.e., sausage) now has more clay. In what stage of development is he likely to be?
Explain a concept by acting out an example of the concept.
The best way for a teacher to teach children in the first grade is to
With support
The zone of proximal development is the area where students may solve a problem…
Increases achievement
How does bilingual ability affect children’s academic achievement?
Industry vs. inferiority
Francis is no longer satisfied with pretending he has a place of his own. He’s in the third grade now and old enough to build a real playhouse. He sets to work with boards and cardboard, and takes great pleasure in the completed project. Francis is at the stage of