Basic Research
p. 13
Research that develops knowledge by testing specific theories that provide broad generalizations. (NOT designed to solve social problems).
Other names: pure or fundamental research
Applied Research
p. 13-14
Research that produces knowledge relevant to solving real-world problems in a given field.
In education, applied research generally focuses on improving PRACTICE.
Qualitative Research Methods
pp. 321-332
Designed to show relationships between events and meanings as perceived by the participants. Usually use a small sample and interview in depth.
Examples of qualitative methods:
comprehensive sampling
maximum variation sampling
snowball sampling

Qualitative Research Designs (pp. 23-24)
Case Study
Grounded Theory
Critical Studies

Quantitative Research Methods
pp. 21-23
Emphasize objectivity.
(true/quasi-/ single subject)
(descriptive/comparative/correlational/survey/expostfacto/secondary data analysis)