These socio-economic actors can include domestic and external surroundings and can very well determine the negative or positive development of a child, as they grow to adolescent years. Description and Factors The development of a child is an extreme importance, not only to the domestic family, but to society itself. A major aspect of society that can enhance or hinder this development with in a positive or negative manner is the socioeconomic of the parents or family (Walker, 1985). Socioeconomic status is measured in many ways.

It mostly included the quantification of the parents’ educational background, their career status, financial situation and their community environment. In many cases race and ethnicity has also played a major role in the effects (Walker, 1985). Some of the mechanisms that is linking socioeconomic status to a child’s well being mostly involve in access of materials and social resources and also the reactions to stress induced situations and conditions by both the parents and the child. A child’s well being is impacted at several levels, which include domestic family and external surroundings such as neighborhood and school environment.

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Depending on the child’s own characteristics, family characteristics and other support systems, a child may not be affected, moderately affected or even extremely affected (Term, 1982). Causes and Determination of Development Domestic environment is a major determination of a child’s development. It Includes concerns of nature verses nurture and the relative stability of family Influences. Besides biological being the prime mover of the development process, It also depends on the interaction between the biological and social context of resources that will produce the outcomes.

The exploration of the parent and child Interactions and relationship as a whole can enhance or put a strain on a child’s up bringing. The concept of nature verses nurture comes In at the beginning stages of a child’s development (Walker, 1985). It Is fostered by the frequency of human contact, mostly those who are around them the most, the emotional climate that a child learns In trusting of others and themselves, the level of gratification, the responses the child may receive phonically, vernally Ana monumentally Walt consistency Ana clarity TN may show the appropriate and valued behaviors to be reinforced.

Parents are the primary role models that they may look upon. Having parents that show off the strains and stress of society in a negative manner can hinder the child’s development. If they see a certain action being done, especially by their parents, and it is reinforced as something positive, they will think that is k to do even if it may be a negative behavior (Settling, 1991). An environment that contains minimum social restrictions can motor behaviors. A low income family that resides in a neighborhood with poverty can portray a very instructive and harmful environment.

With tuitions such as that, parents must develop physical and secular environment that can give them expectations, sense of having choices and being able to succeed. A family household income demonstrate the how easy or difficult it may be for the child itself. Financial resources enable parents to give children good health care, nutrition, top learning environment, in home opportunities and outside the home opportunities where a safe home and neighborhood can be provided (Walker, 1985).

Most figure that poverty can hold back many children in their development as a person and in their success in life. In some cases, due to the lack of funds, a family may have to live in a harmful community that may have less protection and be high in several crimes. This can restrict a child development outside the home and can influence them to adapt to certain behaviors as being k to have. This can be a controversial topic, due to that correcting negative influences is up to the parents themselves.

What the low income environment does is construct the family structure. Both parents may have to work in order to provide minimal funds or even just to survive. This can bring on stress on to the family and greatly affect the child’s placement. For many adults hardship, especially with finances, can cause so much stress that it can turn in to depression (Term, 1982). Society brings about that what really may matter for a child’s development are the psychological dispositions of the parents themselves and how that is portrayed on them.

An example of this would be depression. Depression occurs more so in situations where people are unhappy with the how things may be in their life. Low income families and family structure especially in single parent homes can bring about heavy strain and cause depression in the parent(s). As a child grows up, they look for the approval of people outside of their family in society. They only see being accepted if they were a certain social status or having a certain financial status that would make others like them.

Trying to provide for the child in the financial sense, outside of what they may get for necessities, would bring difficulty to the parents. This causes the depression due to the lack of being able to provide for the child. A parent can go into spiral negative behaviors due to these strains that may bring upon stress to the child himself (Settling, 1991). Children may seem for it to be k to do those certain types of behaviors, such as heavy drinking, arguments, even abuse, physical and emotional.

The psychological situations brought upon a child can influence the child’s development psychologically and socially, than material resources can. Conclusion Many people do not realize how the socioeconomic status can affect a person dramatically. Adults and children all look for approval from society. Society concept of approval involves having a high social and financial status. Race and ethnicity may nave some Innocence appending on ten area Ana community, out more so the higher of social elite one may be and higher financial income one may have, he my accepting people will be of them.