Singing Schools Movement
mid 17th century: singing masters would go to cities and towns and taught music and fundamentals
Lowell Mason
pushed Boston School Committee to include music in curriculumstarted the beginning of music ed
Beginnings of public school music education in the U.S.
music was orally passed down until the introduction of singing schools, music was not a tax-supported subject in schools until 1st half of 19th century
Elementary and Secondary School General Music:
Elementary:Often overlooked, foundation for further music study, music specialist, music consultant, classroom teacherSecondary:Emphasis on exclusion, more specialized: band (king), choral, orchestral 
Vision 20/20
publication that was included in Housewright Declaration, which addressed conference issues and topics addressed
Housewright symposium
(late 90s) like Tanglewood, and designed to give music education philosophy and direcion until 2020