Egyptian Culture Even though its very different from many other cultures, Egyptian culture have a strong religious belief and artistic skills because they were the first societies to grow crops, tame animals and breed them for work and food and through the passing years they managed to stick with their same perspectives . It all started developing a long narrow strip of land on either side of the Nile. When Egyptians had started growing their own life and creating their kingdoms. The Nile was a great source of life for the Egyptians at that time.

They depended on it a to because it provided them with a source of water to brew beer and wine from plants they grew(Woods,6). The Nile was the growing point of Egypt , it inspired early Egyptians science (Woods,8) and it kept it safe from the invasion. As the Nile helped reach a good rich agricultural life for the Egyptians it meant that less people were dying because they had more food and herbs for medicine. They started focusing more on other pursuits such as art and crafts. “Egyptians for entertainment used to do many artistic things.

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They used clay for making vases, vessels, figurine and even coffins. They face painted and made their own Collaboratively 122-4) They used to enjoyed life to the fullest, from parties to festivals . As for the kids they enjoyed playing “chukka lazar” or lead the frog and tug of war. They used to make their own clothes and shoes. Would know the differences from the poor to the rich by their dress apparel. “Linen was a major fabric used to provide clothing for them it was made up from Flax a fine light-colored plant fiber.

The differences were told apart by the type of material their clothes were made off. As for the pharaohs they only wore linen, ell the finest. The workers had to wear loin cloths of coarser fabric and soldiers would cover the rear of their kilts with a leather netting(Hart 78-801′. Egyptian society wasn’t Like many other; children TLD go to school . Boys were thought to farm and work with their fathers In trading. Girls learned how to cook and run a household from their mothers. ” The lucky ones were the rich boys because they were taught how to read , these classes were held in the temples.

They were taught by priest , they were known to Be highly respected people because they could read important documents Matthews 90,99)”. Egyptian believed that the underworld was a place of judgment. They believed that a dead person’s soul could travel it an underworld called Data. They thought that people had three souls , the Kay, the baa, and the aka. It was thought that mummification Egyptians were afraid of dying. They had built this whole this funerary cult that promised them everlasting life after death.

The term Is mummification this was a processes that embalmers had to go through every time people had die. But their was different types of mummification depending on how rich a person was. So the rich people were more highly concerned on the burial Decease teen Ana uses layers AT rally decorations. Only tense won were wealthy were able to afford great rituals. The First process was to cut the left side of the body open with a knife and removed the liver and the lungs. The brain was removed by placing a straw-like tool to suck it out of the head.

The heart was not removed because they believed that you needed the heart so that Souris could weigh it and make sure your evil deeds didn’t weigh more. After that, they covered the body with crystals called matron which kept the body from rotting. The whole process took over seventy days and then they would be put into a casket-like statue that resembles their body. After the casket was put on, it would be ready for placement it was either in underground or in a pyramid if you were a pharaoh. The pyramids were a symbol of the sun.

It has steps all the way to the top so the pharaohs and their families could go live in the sky. Only pharaohs and their family could be buried in the pyramids because they were said to be the “human suns” which rise everyday and always lives Egyptian had a strong religious faith that enriched every part of their lives. They leveled that the spirit of the gods lived within a pharaohs body; honored as God kings. They also believed that the ordered world in which they live had been out of Religion was the tie that held the nation of Egypt together.

The people s visions and beliefs are reflected in all aspects of this civilization. They saw it in everything around them and everything they did. All things were put there by god for a purpose therefore it held some sort of sacredness. This was visible in every structure and writing from ancient Egypt.. The Temple of Karma, which was created for the god Ammo-Re took more than two thousand years to construct and is noninsured on of the most beautiful structures ever built. This temple is Joined to another temple devoted to the gods, the Temple of Luxury, a mile away by a strip of a thousand sphinxes.

At the entrance to the Temple of Luxury stand colossal statues of Renames II. The visions of the ancient Egyptians are most dominant in their burial chambers and tombs. One of the recurring symbols is that of the cycle of day and night. The Goddess Nut was the celestial being whom each night the sun would enter her mouth in the west and would then be reborn in her womb in the east each morning. This imaged played into how the kings would be reborn after their deaths and rise again like the sun to proceed to their eternal Journey.

Death was Just another phase of life to the ancient Egyptians because to them it was not the end. All of the writings and personal belongings in the tombs of the dead were to help them on their Journey in the afterlife. In the afterlife the deeds of the dead would be weighed and he would either live in paradise or be devoured by the monster. The grandness of such a nation as the ancient Egyptians had is very difficult to imagine. The sacredness of the oral had not been lost, in fact it was grasped and exalted at every opportunity.

The peoples love for their gods and their thanks can be clearly seen in their prayers such as O living Lord, Creator of Life. When you rise in the East you fill the whole world with your glory and As the Shepherd leads the herds to pasture so do you, O Ammo, lead the hungry to food. For Ammo is a shepherd for the one who trusts him. This section has been incredibly interesting. The most intriguing part of the ancient Egyptian culture was how everything has a sacredness even the animals, land, Ana colors.

Learning more tout tans culture can Nell us to Alcoves things about ourselves. Ancient Egypt still holds some of the greatest mysteries of the world even though it has been studied for hundreds of years. Many of this great nation s secrets will probably never be exposed. It’s monuments such as the Sphinx and the pyramids have become both a symbol of mystery and a link to the past. Many people are still unable to figure out many things about the Egyptians. Their culture was extremely incredible, their sculptures their clothes, their Jewelry, their pyramids were all beautiful.