Our reasoning, thought process, ability to acquire knowledge.
any form of human movement
interaction between mind and human movement
What is Adaption?
Adjusting to the demands of the environment.
Assimilation and Accommodation
Child sees zebra and calls it a horse. Assimilated this information into her schema for horse. When she eventually learns the name Zebra, she has accomodated the information.
Piaget’s Four Stages of Cognitive Developement
Sensorimotor- 0-2

Properational- 2-7

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Concrete Operational- 7-11

Formal Operational- Adolescence- Adulthood

Aquired through body MOVEMENT
Implications of Sensorimotor
Design environment for crawling, climbing, pushing, pulling
Preoperational Stage
Language and Motor Skills

Abilities Improve Quickly

Properational Cognitive Thinking Characteristics
Egocentric thoughts and speech/ incapable of conservation
Implications of Preoperational Stage
Strong focus on environmental design

Simple Instruction

Concrete Operational
Conservation, Other Points of View, Basic problem solving, sorting
Learning Acquired in Concrete Operational
Movement, Life Experiences, Observing and Interacting
Implications for Concrete Operations
Combine Skills, Introduce new skills, Lead up games, problem solving
Motor Learning/ Peformance
________ is a process that occurs over many ________ attempts.
Five Performance Variables
Improvement, Consistency, Stability, Persistence, Adaptability
Motor Learning Stages
Cognitive, Associative, Automatic
Declarative Knowledge
“Knowing Factual Knowledge”
Procedural Knowledge
“How to” Knowledge
Strategic Knowledge
Knowing and Applying
Knowledge Structure
Three basic schemes under which knowledge is organized.
Strategies teaches use to enhance motor-skill — related memory of young childeren.
Demonstrate, Visual Display, Link, Knowledge, Cues
Simple Reaction Time
Time between onset of stimulus and beginning of movement

Why are girls typically taller than boys betwen the ages of 10 and 13 years of age?

Reach puberty at a much younger age than males.

Identify and briefly describe the two major causes of decreases in height around middle age?

Disc Degeneration

Decrease of cartilage in knees and back

Distance Curve Plot
Growth Over Time
Velocity Curve Plot
Age Range and Growth in inches.
Growth Retardation during childhood and adolescence may indicate what?
Malnutrition, Child Abuse, Heart or other diseases, Endocrine system failing
Typical increase in body weight in childhood
Slow and Constant
Increase in body weight during adolescence
Dramatic Increase in Body Weight
Amount of weight increases for boys

Amount of weight increases for girls

45 lbs

35 lbs

What is BMI?
Ratio of height to weight
What are two ways to calculate BMI?
Convert LBS to KG

Solve BMI equation

What is the purpose and value of BMI?
Measure body fatness; monitors population health risk
Should BMI be used as measure of body fatness?
NO, because some people have different ratios of muscle with their given height
BMI typically reaches a low point at what age?
Adiposity Rebound
Increase in BMI quickly
Adolescent Awkwardness/ How it affects performance?
6 month disruption in motor perfomance (during fastest height growth period)
At birth the head is what percentage of the total body length?
Why is it difficult for childeren to maintain their balance when performing certain motor tasks?
They have a higher center of gravity, top heavy, and small base
Three Classifications of Overall Body Physiques



Why do girls perform better on movement task that involve balancing?
Shorter Legs and Wider Pelvis
Why do boys perform better than girls on movement task involving running and jumping?
Longer legs and more muscle mass
What is bone remodeling?
When the rate of deposit is greater than the rate of removal.
What is osteoporosis and how can it be slowed or prevented?
A loss of bone mineral density. Exercise.