Eileen Caddy said “Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and enjoy it”.  But what could that possibly mean for us students as we learn all kinds of things for nearly 180 days a year with only a 2-day break each week? I think YOU know what that means. A trip! But not just any ordinary trip. But before I go deeper into my proposal to the audience, let’s ask ourselves: why are trips so important? Trips are what take your whole class on an adventure that they would never experience in class, a whole new perspective on the outside world. It gives a chance for students to have a little bit more excited in our lives. Maybe to have a better time rather than sitting in a class and listening to lectures which to be honest most students don’t enjoy that much. Now my three reasons for what I will propose is the following: The attractions and how tremendous they are. Next in order convenience of the place and things around it. And at last the fun activities that will have some learning for students. Now, the thing we all have been waiting for, my plan. I think that the Future grade 8’s, yes not the grade 8’s of now, should go to Burlington, Ontario for a graduation trip next year.     First and foremost, an attraction that is delightful and agreed by reviews on Google as “enchanting” or “educational” as well as “unique and special” is the Royal Botanical Gardens southwest of the city. This fascinating garden is one of the major tourist attractions between Niagara Falls and Toronto. These 2,422 acres of nature are filled with over 1,100 species of plants within its boundaries, it also has a very high proportion of the wild plants of Canada in one area. The garden is very diverse and has many things to explore and learn about, which I believe will entertain and give the students a good feeling to be around nature, it will also improve some mental health. A very historical place that is about 86 years old is the Royal Botanical Gardens. My second attraction is a place that you can take a stroll, you can relax and just enjoy the scenery. My second attraction is the Brant Street Pier. If you can’t imagine what that looks like, think about this: Brant Street Pier is a signature destination and attraction located in Spencer Smith Park in downtown Burlington, it extends 137 meters over Lake Ontario that provides views of the lake and Burlington’s shoreline. Doesn’t that sound like somewhere you would want to sit down at and unwind for a while? I know that I and many other students would like to relax and have some fun for a change and this is the best way to have it. The pier has “awesome events”, “cool displays” “frequent festivals” during the summer. There is also a nice walking trail that goes all the way to a municipal beach which is very convenient. This is an attraction where I think everyone has something they can enjoy at the pier and that’s why that is my second example to go to Burlington. My last example and attraction is a place where everyone can get a little creative and think. Yes, the last attraction that I will be talking about is the Art Gallery of Burlington. Founded in 1978, is the seventh largest public art gallery in Ontario. The art gallery of Burlington has all kinds of photography, hand weaving, sculpture, and ceramics, I think would be interesting for most students. The Gallery is located near the City of Burlington waterfront in close proximity to Spencer Smith Park. The Gallery is a non-profitable registered charitable organization that provides free admissions to over 100,000 visitors each year to exhibitions, educational programs, studios and other activities. This is a place where we students can think about and learn about different types of art that I listed above.  This is why I strongly agree that the future grade 8’s should go to Burlington for their graduation trip next year, because their attractions, like the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Brant Street Pier, and the Art Gallery of Burlington are very ` captivating and amusing to me and I think I can benefit from this. My second reason for why the future grade 8’s should go to Burlington for their graduation trip next year is because of the convenience, like the hotel’s, or the restaurants, or even the shopping centers. Now the first thing to look at is the hotel price to stay for about 2-3 days. Now if we check the hotel’s in Burlington for a low price, say on Trivago.ca then you would find the lowest of 65 dollars and above which is not bad, each student would have to pay for their room which is doable considering Durham Forest was 30 to 40 dollars for 2 nights and 3 days. That’s a pretty good deal.  Now the next example of the convenience in Burlington is about the restaurants. There are some cheap restaurants that serve cheap breakfast. An example is if we stay at the $65 to $66 hotel which is called Royal Inn there is a Wendy’s 2 mins away, a bakery for sweets just a little farther, and a Tim Hortons about 8 mins away, and finally a family restaurant Called Russell Williams that serves breakfast all day and has a nice and simple menu. So, the variety is definitely there and not lacking.  Now my last example is about the shopping centers. There are many places to shop for students who decide to bring money for souvenirs. There is the Burlington Mall that has been called “cozy” and “nice atmosphere” also “great experience” and “pleasant” by many on Google and has a food court. And then there’s the Mapleview Mall which is very popular and has been reviewed as “good vibes” and “this mall has almost everything” and also there’s a diverse array of clothes and shops. As you can see for yourself, these malls have great customers and they fully supported. The Mapleview Mall has been regarded as “The best mall between Burlington and Hamilton”. That is some immense compliments. And that’s why I think that the shopping malls are a high-class full of great things.   This is why I fully stand by my reason and agree that there is the convenience in Burlington and we the future grade 8’s should go there for their graduation trip next year.  Now my last reason for the grade 8’s to go to Burlington for their graduation trip next year is because of the enjoyable activities to do. Now the first activity I will recognize is a group activity, as most of these will be group activities, but this activity gets you do exercise and walk a little. I’m talking about hikes. Hikes are a great way to strengthen your core, improve balance, boost bone density, and help control your weight, so overall a good workout to keep you healthy. Hikes calm you down and feel good so that’s why I chose to include hikes as an activity. Now my next activity is going on a downtown Burlington tour. The first place to visit is an old home to see how people lived in Burlington back in the day. I think this tour can be very enjoyable and us students and teachers can learn about old times. Another place to visit is the Waterfront and see the Canadian Naval Ships Memorial Monument that is dedicated to all Canadian naval ships that served during World War 2. Now my last activity is one that is so cool it would be even labeled as “death-defying”. My last activity is rock- climbing. I imagine that most students and maybe even teachers would like to at least try rock-climbing, because I know I would. Rock-climbing is a great full-body workout for both muscle and cardio and is an activity that will improve the student’s mental and physical health.  And now this is why I know the future grade 8’s should go to Burlington, ON for their graduation trip next year. The attractions are very exquisite, and very well reviewed. The convenience of the city and how extravagant it’s shopping malls are. And of course, all the great activities planned so the students can relax too. Like I said before, Trips are a great way for students to have fun and I know that this trip won’t lack in doing that. This trip will give students a chance to open up their creative side and not worry about it doing something with marks. This trip will also give a chance for students to strengthen their bond with other students. And of course, it will give a chance for students to relax. A true statement that would show this best would be the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.