Are they fighting for those Oman Just to form a reason to their endless desire to starts war or are they a real man who able to love and care for a woman? In this paper I want to analyses three different male attitude toward women so that may be I can find answers to my questions. In page 81, we see a conversation between Agamemnon and his trusted warriors (mostly he talks to Achilles) about what to do with his prize. Because her father prays to Apollo and he send plague to city, Agamemnon has to set Chrysler, his war prize, free. Finally he accepts to resend her but only If they are willing to give him nether prize.

I prefer to analyses this speech In two parts. In first part Agamemnon says that, “l prefer her by far, the girl herself. I rank her higher than Clytemnestra, my wedded wife – she’s nothing less in build or breeding, in my mind or works of hand. “(131) From looking at this part we can say that Agamemnon really cares about her and he sees her more than a prize. At the second part rather than seeing death of his people, Agamemnon prefers to resend Chrysler.

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This can be seen as an honorable act until he demands another prize and says “look- my prize snatched away! 141) This last sentence shows that in the end Chrysler is Just a prize. Actually, if we want look his fight deeply we need to consider the attitude of the other sides of the fight, who are the father of Chrysler and Achilles. Father of Chrysler does anything to win her back, he loves his daughter by herself. Although her father loves and cherishes Chrysler, mostly we see women used as an object In this fight. Agamemnon and Achilles are not actually fighting for Chrysler or Bribers, they are fighting for their honor. If prize was a valued stone, we would not see any differences n their attitudes.

In Book 9, Odysseus and other warriors come to talk to Achilles to turn him back to war between Achaeans and Trojan. Achilles rejects all the gifts of Agamemnon and does not accept to turn to battle because he finds it nameless. In page 263 there is a significant speech of Achilles about women. He talks about Bribers and says “l loved that woman with all my heart, though I won her like a trophy with my spear… ” (416) From that exact sentence, we saw Achilles in love with a woman. He cares about her and respects her as a woman.

And also he does not pleased with the fact that the won her Like a prize. Actually this passage Is Important because for the first time In the book, we see a woman (and also all women) as a beloved person, Individual. While Achilles saying “Any decent man, a man with sense, loves his own, cares for his own (404) he points out that there are men who are care and respects women unlike Agamemnon. Some men can love women Desire seeing teen as a gift. While Achilles was arguing with Agamemnon in first passage he was talking about women as a tool but in here he shows his real feelings.

He is willing to fight for women not for honor but love. Therefore, we can say that attitudes toward women in this speech is exactly the contrary of the first one. In first two examples we see two men fighting over women but in page 266, we see two women fighting over man. In this part of book Phoenix tells Achilles his own story with his mother, father and his father’s mistress. When his mother find out that his father has been cheating on her she send her son, Phoenix to bed the mistress down and kill the girl’s taste for his father.

Because we see two women fighting over men for the first time we have to examine two women and their power on men. While Agamemnon and Achilles have right to choose among options, in this specific example we see the mistress choosing between Phoenix and his father. Penthouse she is a harlot, she has a right to choose. She has power on the course of fight because if she was not select the Phoenix, the fight between him and his father would not start at the first place. Most important character in this story is the mother and her ability to control her son’s behavior.

In other cases women were prizes or loved ones, men fought for them but this time fight started because of them. (especially the mother) Throughout the story we saw women with lack of power but mother of Phoenix is the source of power in this story. This fight happen not for love or honor of sides but honor of a woman. If we look at the attitudes toward women we can see that Phoenix respects her mother and listens her but penthouse we see mother as an individual the mistress seems to be again a tool to start a fight.

Three different examples and three different attitudes toward women showed that in The Iliad, penthouse generally we see women used as an object, there are specific examples that women are desired ones and sometimes even source of power. Men are not willing to fight for the women, they fight because their endless race of honor drags them to do it. I think that Homer wanted to focus on war and relationships in the war rather than men and women relations that is why he does not talk about directly the love issue in the book.