Electricity supply: nRF24LU1 connected
to the usb5v power supply through a 10 ohm resistor, nRF24LU1 has an internal
circuit with a built-in regulator. No additional power regulator is required in
this design for VDD pins only for internal coupling. They are connected
together and the decoupling capacitor is placed near the VDD pin suggested in
the product specification.

Matching Network: Match the network between the
components on the pins 0Ant nRF24LU1 and antennas. Its function is impedance
transformation and filtering. Make the USB converter as small as possible,
layout the matching network from the reference layout in the nRF24LU1 product
specification. Component values to compensate for changing the layout. If you
use a layout, in this document, the value of the component can be specified in
the BOM. It must be emphasized that if the layout of the home page changes, the
matching network and antennas must be tuned for optimal performance. The
components in this design are very sensitive and the layout has changed. If the
layout must be changed, the nRF24LU1 product specification from the matching
network layout.

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Antenna: The antenna is one-fourth
wavelength along the winding circuit board type. The impedance of the antenna
matches the 50 ohm output matching the network using L4 and C13. When the
Nrf24lu1usb converter connects to the PC, the PC will add a significant ground
plane to the nRF24LU1USB cipher dog. This means that the measured value of any
antenna must be connected to the PC with the receiver. Of course not all PCs
are equal, so we will seek a compromise solution. The antenna is fixed in the
design where the layout is adjusted. If the layout changes, the antenna must be
adjusted. The reference design provides no housing. For an actual product, some
houses are encrypted with dogs. Some housing materials can have some impact on
the antenna. This can be done by changing the compensation value of the L4 and
the C13 so that the resonant frequency of the antenna is correct. The exact
component value must be measured.

Flash programming:
The nRF24LU1 of flash memory uses programmable nRF24LU1 USB converter programming
adapters, SE figure 3. The dimensions of the interface do not allow a full-size
connector, and then put it on the printed circuit board, so 5 pins, 1mm spacing
connector is used instead.