Elements of an Acceptable Resource This paper will focus on the criteria resources must meet to be determined acceptable and valid. Three processes for validating resources will be discussed in this analysis. Resources cited in papers, articles, and presentations must meet specific criteria prior to being deemed acceptable. Verifying the validity of the Information Is essential to ensure one is not repeating Inaccuracies. Moreover, four resources to be used in the Team C paper will be evaluated to determine if whether they meet these criteria.

Gathering reference material is essential in completing research and writing. One way for a researcher to determine If whether the resource Is valid Is to check the Information for credibility, accuracy, reasonableness, and support (CARS). The CARS checklist gives specific guidelines for determining if a resource is acceptable; these are (Harris, 2007): Trustworthy source, credentials, and organizational support. Accuracy: Information current, detailed, comprehensive, and gives the whole truth. Reasonableness: Tells the whole story, objective and no conflict of interest.

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Another way is by doing research in the school library, the Information retrieved will have been peer reviewed for accuracy. The most Important thing to remember is to be vigilant as the writer, and verify all information is accurate, with proper credit given to its sources. The first resource that will be discussed was chosen from the University Of Phoenix library. The article: Management of Multicultural Group contains Information on multicultural conflict in the business sense. The authors of the article have researched the topic and included several references.

This makes it trust worthy, because it shows they took the time to become familiar with the topic before writing the article. They discuss the Impact diversity can have on a work group. Since one portion of the paper Includes discussion of effects on teamwork within a multicultural workforce, this article seemed appropriate. 1 OFF Another good resource Tort tans paper Is ten article lean Learning: An Approach towards Communication This article is a good choice for this research paper in many ways. It first explores the art of communication within a multi-cultural environment.

It has been determined to be credible and trustworthy because it discusses more than one side. It has been published under a reliable source and is approved by a University. I also feel the author did a great deal of research before writing her article. She cites over 20 resources that could also help us find another credible resource. The book ? to Speak Dog: Mastering the art of dog-human communication?C,-1?0 by Stanley Corer was chosen for multiple reasons. The primary reason is the analogy extracted from this text provided me with a valid and entertaining communication barrier example.

Secondly, a dog owner could see the actions that represent the emotions as discussed in the book are accurate. The principles and ideas relayed in this book can be tested in the field and proven accurate. Finally, the author is mentioned in multiple pet related websites. He is described as having devoted most of his adult career to the field of dog training. In addition, multiple reputable book vendors sell his books and show positive customer reviews. All sources checked indicate the author is an expert in his field. Due to the research findings it was determined that this book was a reliable and excellent source.

One of the benefits of living in the current time is the amount of endless resources available to researchers. However, while researching a topic, one might have problems distinguishing between facts and assumptions. Researchers must validate all information whether from printed or electronic resources. Information retrieved from books or other printed material that can be found in a public library, usually has undergone a selection process. Therefore, the information is most likely to be valid. However, the situation is not the same with Internet research.