Date Submitted: Prevalence of elite deviance In our society today has risen significantly that there Is need to come up with policies to curb this menace. The common characteristics of elite deviance include: very hefty amounts of money embezzled: the criminals are highly powerful and youthful; the perpetrators are also well educated and quite intelligent and finally the crimes are becoming more high-tech. Bearing in mind the characteristics of these white collar crimes, the first step towards combating it would e encouraging high levels of integrity among those in power in our society.

Additionally, those in power could be encouraged to practice ethical responsibility in discharging their duties. Big corporations and governments need to encourage practices and activities that would go a long way in instilling high levels of Integrity, accountability and ethical responsibility amongst Its employees and citizens respectively (Simon, 2007), Issues relating to equitable distribution of wealth and proper vetting of individuals who hold positions of power also need to be addressed. Rules and regulations need to be enforced on issues relating to tax payment and the extent of use of public funds by those mandated to do so.

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Thai (2007) argues that a transparent system needs to be employed on how public funds are used in our governments and also by charities. The process of distribution of resources to citizens also needs to embrace transparency and avoid hostilities which preempt Individuals to embark on a vendetta against the system in the form of white collar crimes. Cases have been reported of the elite taking advantage of Ignorance of their victims or, even at times, the mere loss of faith in the judicial system and police force to apprehend and successfully prosecute the criminals (Simon, 2007).

Governments and corporations need to create awareness on these social evils and encouraging the victims to report to the authorities incase they suffered such a predicament. This can be done via advocacy groups and activists being empowered to disseminate information on these crimes and even collect information (evidence) related to ported crimes. Proper policies and intervention procedures need to be laid down to ensure Justice always prevails where such instances are reported to the authorities.

This will make the society have more faith In the Judicial system and police force at large and their prosecutorial capabilities. The penalties stipulated against the perpetrators of elite deviance need proper redress. The legal system needs to re-examine the penalties being leveled against convicted went collar criminals Ana Improve on Its severely severe Ana alright legal tabulations need to be enacted to prevent the perpetrators from taking advantage of loopholes existing in the legal and Judicial systems.