The selected Industry – Restaurant Industry The selected macro theme- Communication technology in restaurants The selected mess theme – New direction In social marketing Section 1 -Justification of the choice themes 1 . ) Communication technology within restaurants is quickly changing and evolving. There are greater demands for restaurants to serve their customers in a quick, efficient way which meets their demands. For instance, online booking has now become so popular that restaurants will need to meet the demand of taking bookings online as the customer now prefers to book this way.

As the external environment has changed, restaurants have to change their way that they adopt Information technology. 2. Utilizing technological services to communicate directly with their customers. Restaurants can also have the option of having a service managing their online bookings from customers through real time booking technology. This technology confirms a response immediately to the diner. This would satisfy the customer’s need In knowing that their booking Is confirmed and that the restaurant has met the need of the customer of booking online. 3. Restaurants are embracing communication technology as there are many benefits financially and operationally If they do so. Adopting the ways of communicating through technology may be difficult for saturates as they either prefer the traditional method of taking a reservation or they are technologically shy. As the Industry is heavily operationally based, restaurants are more focused on the day to day running of the restaurant rather than using technology to their advantage. 1 OF 7 laconically advances In ten Industry can De uses as a tool to Nell restaurants manage their business better.

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These advances are through collecting their customer’s data so they can market to them again in the future, having a website to help increase their online presence and marketability to their customers, real time cooking systems which helps align their operational costs and helps deliver a speedy service. 4. ) Online booking is becoming popular due to current social patterns of buying goods and services online. With the upward trend of consumers buying goods and services online; booking a restaurant online has now become as popular as booking an airline ticket or purchasing a book online.

Consumers use the Internet as a tool to do research first and then purchase. Out of 37% of shoppers in the UK it has shown that half of that group made their purchases online. And consumers are now buying online as a way to save. Cabinet Maker, 2009) Restaurants can use this to their advantage as they can use the Internet to communicate to their diners about special promotions and offers. 5. ) Social marketing is another strong vehicle of communicating through technology. Speaking to your customers or consumers through means of social marketing has seen a dramatic increase in the last year.

Restaurants are starting to be more involved in using social marketing to reach their diners. The costs of using social marketing tools are relatively low compared to other associated marketing costs for restaurants. Restaurants can see these tools a helpful says to communicate to their customers online. For instance faceable, twitter and blobbing are all forms of free marketing; this is particularly appealing to restaurateurs who are concerned about their margins. Blobs, twitter, faceable, booking sites such as 118 118, Adoptable, legitimate. Mom, mobile marketing are all forms of social marketing that restaurants are now using to their advantage to attract customers. Suitable Publications Publication Target Market Topics Covered Circulation Restaurant Magazine General Managers, Coos, Decision Makers at Head Office Level Technology advancement, new hotel & restaurant openings. Industry updates on the big players in restaurants. 16, 265 a month, I-J & Ireland Caterer & Hotelier Hospitality professionals at any level. Industry updates, openings of new restaurants and hotels. Supplier profiles, Job listings. 90,000 a week I-J & Ireland Eat Out Magazine Restaurant/ Pub owners.

Coos, Key decision makers who nave Dulling power. Updates on new communication technology, Industry leader profile, food suppliers, recipes, interior design. 27, 573 a month, I-J & Ireland Restaurant Magazine Restaurant Magazine is a British publication that is only exclusively dedicated to the UK restaurant industry. Keeping abreast in trends, latest news, industry updates, technology and product advances within the restaurant, hotel, pub sectors in the I-J. Current readership is over 65,000 monthly and the magazine targets key decision makers such as General Managers, Coos, and individuals who have autonomous buying power.

Prior to subscribing to the monthly, Restaurant Magazine monitors the buying motivations of the subscriber by having them complete a “qualification” questionnaire. The S. Bewildering 50 Best Restaurants Awards is produced from Restaurant Magazine. Over 700 industry experts carefully select restaurants that have achieved retreat success in the year they are nominated. There is no key criteria in being selected however the industry experts select their own personal choice of five restaurants for which they must have eaten as within the last 18 months.

Previous winners include The Fat Duck, 3 starred Michelin in Berkshire, UK and El Bully in Roses, Spain. Caterer & Hotelier Caterer & Hotelier is a weekly publication and that is dedicated to the hospitality professionals in the UK. Geared towards providing the latest news, market trends and Jobs in the hospitality industry, the weekly has features from industry experts ND regularly provides reviews of products and services. Readership is currently over 90,000 and associated events and websites with Caterer & Hotelier include, Gatecrashers. Com, The Cater Awards, The Web Awards and The Food & Drinks Awards.

Topics include new openings, industry personality profiles, new products, recipes, supplier listings and new innovations within the restaurant and hotel industry. Eat Out Magazine – A diverse publication, this monthly magazine covers topics such as food suppliers, new openings, recipes, interior design and how to get the most of your dining customer. Although ten Eat out covers a variety AT topics, new communication technology would be of interest to its readers as its target market includes chief executives, head office decision makers, pub proprietors and stand alone owners.

The magazine is driven to target the modern restaurateur who likes to keep abreast of product changes and challenges in the industry. Selected Publisher – Restaurant Magazine Purpose of the discussion – real time booking technology which allows customers to book restaurants online As the discussion paper is about emerging technology and the benefit of social racketing this publication will be appropriate as it targets key decision makers and players who have buying power in the industry.

Restaurant Magazine targets a niche market. Quality over quantity is better in this case as the other publications focus too much of other items that may have less importance to the reader. Having the credibility of producing the S. Pipelining Best Restaurant Awards offers the prestige of specific products of news that is published. The key decision makers would have a genuine interest in the changes in technology and the future marketing needs to attract more customers.

There is a need for restaurants to have a booking technology that does everything for them, from confirming reservations in real time to having table management and revenue and yield options in one system. When a restaurateur opens a restaurant their main focus will be on how they will manage their reservations in the most effective way. They are turning to online providers that will assist them with all of their online reservations and revenue insemination needs in one place. And for these reasons above, Restaurant Magazine would be the best suitable publication to publish this discussion paper.

Task 2 – Emerging Themes The selected industry – Restaurant Industry The selected macro theme – Communication technology in restaurants The selected mess theme – New direction in social marketing Section 01 – Communication Technology in the Restaurant Industry This discussion paper focuses on the trend of communication technology and the direction of social marketing within the restaurant industry. As the restaurant industry is operational based the need to use communication technology in this industry did not hold particular importance to restaurant owners or managers as it does now.

The emergence of social technology through the use of faceable and twitter, restaurants realism that if they are not part of this growing trend of technology that they will be left behind and that it could leave a significant gap in the market in terms of meeting the needs of diners. Being listed on third party websites, have a website, taking real time bookings, collecting data and social marketing have become invaluable to a restaurant. Much like the travel industry, the consuming public expect to have the flexibility to book a holiday or flight online and restaurants are expected to follow that trend.

Impact of macro level change (technology) in the restaurant industry Emergence of technology Technology for the restaurant industry may be a difficult scenario for restaurateurs to consider being a significant part of their business. Even though they may prefer the telephone reservation, paper/pen diary method their customers have new demand of booking online. Less control of restaurant inventory One of the major challenges with restaurant owners and operators about taking online reservations is that they feel they would lose control over their inventory. Skims, 2009) Many are apprehensive about having a technical solution handle the able management and reservations of their restaurant. They would rather have personal control as they can manage any mistakes or mishaps as when they happen. Strong online marketing partners There are a few companies that provide the technology to make restaurants booklet online through their own website and through third party sites such as Adoptable and legitimate. Com. Lovingness is the largest provider of online reservations and marketing services to the restaurant industry in Europe.

They have teamed up with strong affiliate partners such as 118 118, legitimate. Com, Timeout to help restaurants each a wider market through these channels. Data collection for future e- campaigns And while they help restaurants market themselves on these websites they also provide the real time booking technology to make the restaurant booklet on their own site. The aim and goal for the restaurant is data collection. The data that the restaurant collects can then be used in the future for them to market to their customers. This is what becomes valuable to restaurants in terms of taking online reservations. The social changes of the online consumer Age demographics play a large part in the social change of people wanting to make a saturate booking online. Below is an example of which age groups make restaurant bookings on the consumer led Adoptable site. The group 25-34 and the over 55+ show a similar trend of bookings restaurants via an online capacity. Some reasons that can count for a particular age group choosing to book on the Internet this way is that the 25-34 age group have grown up with the moving trends of technology and as technology increasing evolves that age group is comfortable with those changes.

For the 55+, there could be an interest that they need to keep up with what the younger generation holds great importance to, hence becoming online pave is appealing to this market. Adoptable – How old are this websites users? (Traffic Share by Age Group) The above chart is based on data for the 4 week period ending 28/03/2009. (Whitest, 2009) Flexible method of communication Although a restaurant may nave a preference AT taking telephone Dockings, teeny cannot ignore the fact that their customers may prefer to make their table reservation online.

Being open and flexible is what diners want to see as we live in a society that wants quick, fast and easy communication. (Sebastian, 2009) Impact of mess level change (social marketing) in the restaurant industry Social racketing plays a big part in online marketing The emergence of social marketing now plays a big part in how restaurants can market themselves. Knowing how to twitter or faceable are all new forms of reaching out to a customer. Once restaurants have taken care of their reservation diary system; online social marketing has become another obstacle that they try to understand.

Social marketing can be anything from blobbing, faceable, twitter or any form of social engagement on the web. Web marketing versus offline marketing initiatives Web marketing is starting to become more popular over offline initiatives as it can be ore closely measured. Local paper advertising or leaflets are difficult to measure in term of return on investment. A restaurateur may spend thousands printing off flyers, whereas tracking your online marketing initiatives is more easily seen. Third party websites give wider reach Third party websites, such as Adoptable and legitimate. Mom proves to be a great benefit to restaurants as it gives them the ability to reach a wider audience. These sites usually attract the “new diner” to a restaurant as they may be unfamiliar with that restaurant’s cuisine or ambiance. Section 02 – Forecast of these changes if implemented in the restaurant industry Marketing online becomes a cheaper, economical way to increase business Restaurants are more responsive to online marketing as they see the direct benefits of having an online presence.

This has now become the preferred method of communication to reach diners as restaurants have seen the direct benefit of being marketable this way. Increasing level of sales through technology Due to restaurants having an online presence they have seen a great increase of business through their doors. Accessibility and flexibility contributes to this greatly ND with restaurants conforming to the needs of their customers they will continue to reap the positive benefits of being marketed online.

Application of a business strategy Reduction in operational costs Once restaurants start following the trend of keeping abreast with technology and online marketing they will naturally see an increase in sales and a reduction in operational costs. This can help restaurants move towards a sustainable operation. Adopting sustainable practices Adopting technology for restaurants is one way that they are helping the green initiative. What use to take up many man hours of taking reservations manually can owe be condensed in an operation that works seamlessly and profitable. Detrimental efforts wall Nell contribute to a restaurants’ triple Diatom Ellen Ana adoption of this method will look favorable in the eyes of the consumer. Research and development With rapid changes in technology, continuous research and development is necessary for communication technology in the restaurant industry. Although being a niche market, their demands are high and they are always looking for ways on how to retain and serve their customers better. Marketers must know what drives diners to o to a restaurant and what cost saving measures they can offer restaurateurs as they operate on tight margins.

Section 03 – Future of the marketing profession Marketers will need to use digital marketing strategies in order to meet the demand of restaurants using communication technology Digital marketing strategies are big demand due to the advertising opportunities that the Internet can now offer. Online ads and campaigns have now surpassed television advertisements. (Sweeney, 2009) The buying power in this market is so strong and the future depends on these marketing professionals adopting the changes within the online environment.

Marketers in the restaurant industry will become a necessary and valuable resource to restaurants. As communication technology and digital marketing changes rapidly, marketers will have to continually adapt to the changes in order to be effective and current with the external conditions. Considering cost saving measures that continually bring an increase in profit to restaurants As the popularity of booking online continues, marketers will need to prove the positive financial impact that restaurants will receive through online marketing versus traditional offline marketing initiatives.

Data collecting, online bookings and website traffic are measurement tools that marketers can use to analyses and track their progress of their marketing initiatives. Changes in attitudes and behaviors of marketing professionals The future of the industry depends on marketers keeping abreast of technological changes within the industry and how they can apply innovative and effective marketing strategies to benefit the business. With the increased interest in online marketing there is a high expectation for innovative communication methods in the industry with an emphasis on low costs.