Emmy award
winning actor of Aziz Ansari, lauded for his humorous stints that are conducted
with his tongue firmly in his cheek, has been accused of sexual misconduct.
Right after the Emmys last year, Ansari, who also happened to win big, got
close to “Grace”, a Brooklyn based photographer. The lady in question expresses
her desire to not be named and has claimed that their encounter led them to
exchange numbers which was then followed by a date that the actor had asked her
out on. “Grace” admits to being ”excited” about it but it “was the worst
night of (her) life.”

recent win at the Golden Globes this year for being the Best Actor in a Musical
or Comedy TV Series, all the while flaunting a Time’s Up pin, indeed paints a
picture of irony in the light of the events that followed. “Grace” could not
hide her disappointment or mask her anger and felt that the scene unfolding
before her was plain wrong. She opened up to Babe about the violation she underwent last year at Ansari’s
apartment. The entire encounter had left her shaken as Ansari refused to take
the hint that she was not interested. She didn’t “want to feel forced” to which
Ansari suggested that they “just chill”. After quite a few failed attempts on
“Grace’s” part to make Ansari see how uncomfortable she was, the actor who was
“pantomiming intercourse” finally called a cab to take her home. “Grace”, opens
up about crying all the way back home and has shared a screenshot of the
conversation that she had with Ansari. The text messages show the succinct
nature in which “Grace” puts forward the violations she faced at Ansari’s hand.

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With the
#metoo movement being THE topic of discussion in recent times accompanied by
Time’s Up, an initiative that is seeing the who’s who of Hollywood coming out
in support of eliminating workplace discrimination, the incident seems to be
yet another case of being indifferent to consent. The fact that the stand up
comedian has himself spoken countless times on the idea of consent and how the
woman’s voice should not be ignored is something that has not been missed by
many. The screenshot shared by “Grace” has left even his staunch supporters
befuddled as Ansari’s actions seem to contradict everything that he was known
to stand up for. Talks of his show being cancelled are already doing the rounds
although nothing has been confirmed as of now.

The night
following his massive Golden Globes win has been rife with criticism and
outrage, expressed through social media platforms. Celebrities like Melinda
Taub feels that the entire incident “would be lost in convo” while other
members of Twitter has come out with allegations against the comedian about the
present incident.

With the
world questioning and engaging in heated debates on how individuals must be
treated during the most intimate moments of privacy, the affair would not meet
a prompt end anytime soon. Ansari, renowned worldwide as one of the funniest
politically correct men, might soon be facing severe charges if/when the
evidence stacks up against him.