One of the first and main similarities between losing a Job and ending a relationship Is the emotions caused from It. In this case, the emotions could be anger, frustration, and grief. For example, when someone’s significant other breaks up with him or her, this can cause a devastating effect. The distressed emotion this person feels can cause them to make drastic decisions, making the entire situation worse for them. They may try to convince their boyfriend or girlfriend to stay with them, usually thou success, and dragging the Issue on longer the necessary.

This Is similar to the effects of losing a Job. When someone loses his or her job, whether by choice or unwillingly, their first instinct is to beg or grovel, asking for their Job back. Even willing to work for a smaller salary or demotion. Solving no problems, people who do this are almost always unsuccessful In getting their Job back, embarrass themselves by trying to do so. Although there are emotional similarities, there is a significant difference when it comes to the financial aspect.

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A persons new found Joblessness will take a major hit to his or hers wallet. This Is because the primary source of Income from a Job Is no longer present, and will need to be replaced quickly. But the opposite is true when it comes to ending a relationship. If a couple was living together, and were financially joined, there would most likely be freed up money by ending the relationship. It Is expensive to be in a relationship, and all the money someone may have been spending on dates or gifts, can now be spent on something to benefit them.

The change in a person’s social network is another difference when It comes to ending a commitment. If someone were to be laid off from a job, It stands to reason that the relationship him or her have with their co-workers becomes stronger. This is especially true if the co-workers have been laid off as well. If both parties were laid off from their Jobs, it creates common interests; one being a similar upset or frustrated state of mind. Another being that both parties can help and support each other in finding a new and fulfilling job.

But even though losing a job can help trenches relationships, ending a relationship may significantly decrease the group of people someone sees on a regular basis. When a relationship between two people ends, It directly affects the mutual group of friends the couple once has In common. Everyone has a natural blabs to things, which causes most of these mutual to friends to take sides when a couple breaks up, leaving a slightly smaller group for these two 1 OFF people to Connie In Ana turn to Tort support While everyone hopes that they will keep their Job or get dumped, it is almost inevitable in life.

It creates big changes in peoples lives, changes that are for the better, but also sometimes for the worse. Keeping a positive outlook can help with recovering easier from any issues that arise, as well as having friends to rely on in times of need. Despite the similarities and differences between losing a Job and ending a relationship, it is necessary to remember that no matter how many times life knocks someone down, they can and will get back up from it, because giving up solves no problems and Just prolongs the misery.