The Tundra wolf has good Instincts In the wild which I possess In many different situations I encounter. For example, I do have a gut feeling whether If the person is to be trusted or not. Also when I encounter hard decisions, I always go with my gut feeling and never look back because I know my Instinct will always lead me In the right direction. Also, the Tundra Wolfs coat can be a majestic black color that also relates to my thick black hair.

My hair Is a deep brown that looks black In certain light and Is thick Like the Tundra’s undercoat. In addition, I am a cautious person when It comes to meeting new people because I never trust anyone at first sight. Similarly, the Tundra wolf does not let other wolves In their pack until they finally trust them. Furthermore, I love the security of being In a group of people I can always count on to have my back: they represent my “pack” Like how the wolves have theirs.

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The feeling of having a small group of people like the wolves is comforting to e and knowing that they will never leave my side makes me feel safe. Just like how the wolves have their pack they all stick together and will always fight for one another which defines my “pack”. In addition I love to run and play with others and just have fun and live my life. Similarly, this is what the Tundra Wolves love to do all day, they love to play fight and run around until they all get tired Just like how I love to live my day. This is why a Tundra Wolf represents me.