ELL (english Language Learner)
an active learner of the
English language who may benefit from various types of
language support programs. This term is used mainly in the U.S. to describe K–12 students.
The Importance of Literacy in the First Language
There is a strong relationship between literacy skills in a first language and literacy skills in a second. Research indicates that about 20 percent of the process of reading in a second language is predictable on the basis of the level of first-language literacy
Cross-Language Influences
How a person processes a second language is influenced by her processing of the first language.
Cross-Cultural Influences
In some cases the background knowledge an English language learner brings to a text is absolutely irrelevant, and in other cases it is simply inconsistent with the knowledge assumed by the text.
Refer to the ways in which words combine to form sentences.
Refer to the ways that words are built through adding parts.
Are special types of morphemes.
The body of words that make up the language.
Refers to writing systems.