In this weeks discussion threads I took an Interest In researching and testing some software tools from a company by the name of Isolations. Isolations was founded in 1999, which focused on providing products to address management challenges that IT professionals might come across. Solar Wind offers a variety of tools and applications related to computer networks, servers, storage and fertilization, but their 3 core enterprise products are, Network Performance Monitor,

IP Address Manager, and Nettled Traffic Manager. Isolations Network Performance Monitor provides an all-in-one solution for detection, diagnosis and resolution for network related issues. It is also important to note that this Network Performance Monitor is only compatible with Windows 2003 and 2008 Server (32-bit or 64-bit). With a built-in centralized messaging system all alerts, slog data, events and traps can be managed and configured In the web-base user Interface, which can be quite useful when overseeing multiple devices and computers.

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The Automated Network Device Discovery module allows the network administrator to schedule network wide scans to identify new and existing network devices. In my opinion the most unique feature for this product would have to be the ability to monitor the hardware health of devices on the network. The built-in hardware health monitoring system can give an provide real-time status updates regarding fan sensors, power supply states and temperature readings In detailed reports. Another piece of software in Isolations product line is called Isolations IP Address

Manager, which focuses on monitoring, alerting and reporting IP addresses in one centralized software application. The automated IP address scanning tool easily enables the ability to schedule a scan to drastically reduce errors witling a specific network. With such a powerful tool, network administrators can rely on a single application to provide Information relating to IPPP and IPPP addresses. As well as MAC addresses. The last piece of network management software that I reviewed, was Isolations

Nettled Traffic Analyzer, which monitors bandwidth allocation and the traffic pattern across all devices on the network. In this day and age company’s such as Nettling and Hull, provide high-defy movie/evolved streaming services that require massive amounts of bandwidth in-order to successfully deliver content to there customers. Having the ability to oversee all traffic can give an administrator a better idea as to the needs and demand required from the current network infrastructure or if some network upgrades need to be implemented.