An enterprise system is a system based on integrated software modules and a common central database. The data base collects stores and uses this information to perform vital business functions. This may include but is not limited to manufacturing, marketing, finance, accounting, public relations and human resources. When information is entered is is shared by all of the necessary departments. This information dissemination makes business functions easier to perform. An example of this would be an item featured on sale at a local market.

If Hess items sell out in one day, these items can be reordered from the ware house or manufacturing plant. This information is also shared with the marketing department. The marketing department will know that this sale was the key reason this item was so popular. When these systems are used correctly, sale can be increased and inventory can be maintained at a steadier rate. This can keep perishable goods from being spoiled or marked down to cost. The marketing department can determine the best way of advertising a certain product based on customer reaction and region.

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In essence the more information a company has to share with all departments, the more opportunity for success the company has. When data is collected It has to be used immediately for research purposes In order for the data to be relevant. Gathering the correct data from customers Is Just as Important as using the data correctly. Protecting the data that Is collected Is of utmost Importance. If customer’s personal information Is compromised, It can lead to lawsuits, loss of capital, or even bankruptcy.