The product ill be available in Tetra Prisms Aseptic package. This package has attractive looks and a unique eye catching shape and excellent pouring and gripping features. In summer every kind of people with no age Limit uses this Juice but because of unhygienic products most of people avoid this sugar-cane juice. With the advent of communication breakthrough and globalization the consumption patterns of Pakistani consumers are also changing and there orientation towards Juices is Increasing.

The beverage industry of Pakistan Is constantly realizing growth throughout the past years and Is anticipated to grow In the future as well. Initially we will only limit our geographical scope to Lahore and then after initial success we will expand our target segments. After thorough research, we have developed a method of preserving the sugarcane Juice In Tetra packs for a period up to a year without using any preservative. The only tool for processing sugarcane Juice Is “Bastardization”.

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To avoid high initial capital investment, we are going to make alliance with Juice Pack Industries on profit sharing basis. We will install our roller mill apparatus in collaboration with their existing bastardization / packing machine. The whole design would be air-tight In order to prevent the oxidation process that intrinsically starts with sugarcane-juice, changing its color and aroma. Sugarcane crop is grown and available throughout the year so we don’t have to stock huge quantities in bulk. To save costs, we Intend to skip the intermediaries and purchase the raw material direct from farmers.

According to market trend, we are contracting a distributor to distribute our product on fixed margin basis. Our quality control system is well in place to match quality standards defined by their Food technologist ND health standards proposed by the local health department serving as the regulator. Quality Is assured at every stage and In every process I. E. The Inspection of raw material as It enters the facility, the peeling of canes / ginger and lemons, the processing of juice and finally the packaging. Pick Nilsson statement: “Our mission will be to provide tasty, affordable and highly nutritional Juices to our customers. We believe that by offering these healthy drinks we will be promoting a more nutritious alternative to the standard beverages that are currently ruling the beverage industry’ Vision statement: To be known as leader of quality Juice providers in the region by offering products enjoyed in every home every day. This feat will be achieved from the dedication of each employee in conjunction with supportive participation from management at all levels.

To play its role in the economic development of the country and to enhance quality of life of its people” Objectives: The main object of the present invention would be to provide an improved process for the preparation of ready-to-drink shelf stable sugarcane Juice beverage. Another object of the invention is to clarify the sugarcane Juice using micro- alteration technique. Yet another object of the invention is to incorporate a hydroelectrically in the clarified Juice to provide a homogeneous beverage. Another objective of the invention is to provide a ginger flavored clarified sugarcane juice in ready to drink shelf stable form.

Position our product in the minds of the customers as the unique hygienic Juice in the market. Business Philosophy: Our business philosophy is simple and straight forward, we are in the business to earn profits and establish an advantageous organization which could stay long in the market. But no achievement will be at the cost of the customer’s health. Customer is the most important aspect of our organization. His health and safety is of prime importance to us. That’s why we are going to launch a hygienic Juice for the first time in the market.

On the other hand, we believe in experimentation and creativity so our customer can always expect something different and new from us in future. Our target customers are those people who want to stay healthy and are reluctant of the sugar cane Juice sold at kiosks in the streets, they are the people who are really health conscious and don’t compromise on hygienic food. The industry we are going to Jump in is a rapidly growing industry and can be forecasted to grow at a constant pace in future, hence giving a great opportunity to the new entrants for growth and prosperity in future.

We will operate as a partnership firm and do a Joint venture with Juice Pack. Business Opportunity: This is a business plan of partnership firm in the name of AURA sugarcane Juice. The plan is to process and market the precious sugarcane Juice. First time in Pakistan, juice will be preserved in pack form to keep it as fresh as at the time of extraction. Till owe market deals in fresh fruit Juices which can be easily preserved however this idea has not been catered yet. Packed sugar cane Juice will be sweet as fresh fruit.