It was not easy and I do not know if I am for sure yet, but I think my major is pre-pharmacy. The degree that I have to obtain is an Associate of Science. To obtain this specific degree I have to follow the curriculum guide for the Associate of Science. I need a total of 62 credit hours and based on my full-time student status It will take me five semesters to complete my degree. The only two admission requirements for this program are that

I have to take the Compass Test and a copy my high school transcripts. After I obtain my Associate of Science degree I will need to apply to Pharmacy School to obtain my Pharmacy Degree to become a pharmacist. This plan will Impact my life greatly now as I am following through with It. It will be very time consuming and difficult. I will need to stay on track and try not to let anything get In my way. I will have to sacrifice a lot but am sure It will be worth It. This plan will also Impact my life greatly In the future but In a different way than It Is Impacting me now.

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The Impact It will have on my future will be much better, I will be able to live a comfortable life and not have financial worries. I see how my mother lives now and would never want to live the way she does. She has to work two jobs and sometimes she works three to take care of my sisters and me. She always tells us to make sure we get our education because now days with no education you will have a rough life. I have decided to work hard now, to get my education, and be able to enjoy the rest of my life, than to not get an education and have to work hard for the rest of my life.