A critical analysis of the poem “ADSTAR” by Rite Dove Purpose: To take a look into the life of a mother and a wife. The poem’s speaker explains various ways the mother finds strategic opportunities for her to think about and observe the world (such as when her children nap). It is the typical stay-at-home mom Ideology and the lack of time to focus on personal matters. Dove uses Imagery to portray the mother’s tiresome life.

She also uses the absence of rhyming to make the poem feel like a personal story Is being shared. The use of free verse makes the poem easily relatable, I would assume, by any mother In a salary situation. Background: I will be using online articles to gather Information on the topic of my assignment. I also will be using the PC database for additional Information. I will provide supplementary In Dalton to the one below as added support to further reinforce my claims about Dove’s poem.

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Methods: As listed below this Is a source that I found that I will be using to develop my thesis. As we progress through the assignment I will conduct a deeper investigation to see which sources will be relevant in supporting my purpose. Jones, Jacqueline. “Black Motherhood Mythology in Alice Walker’s Meridian, Secondly Brooks’ “the mother,” and Rite Dove’s “ADSTAR”. Conference Papers Association for the Study of African American Life & History. (2006)