For example early on we had racial inequality and race riots but for what?! Well It was for a big reason that actually has turned Into a big deal. America is now lead by an African American president. Barrack Obama, The 44th president of the U. S. , is America’s first ever African American president. If you were to look back now and ask some people if we were to have a black president in the year 2008, most people would probably stop and laugh and say no. But that thanks to equal rights we have made history In America.

The second stop on our trip is to the Diversity Subway and how stated in the first amendment that we shall have the right to free press, religion and speech which became key and very Important too many people. Many people now In the year 2014 aren’t really afraid to speak their minds on almost anything. And part of that is the right to the freedom of religion, which you can find more people talking about then say back In 1997. Now a days you can actually find religion channels on public television which wasn’t that popular back In the offs or the ass’s.

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In my opinion, this religion diversity is Just another point in how America has changed sense Vive been alive. And finally the last stop on our adventure is to the Truth Train or lack there of… As Americans we commonly believe that the government shouldn’t be withholding information from us. But the ultimate truth is they are holding information from us. I guess there theory would be that you have the right to freedom of speech and the ability/right to withhold any information that you don’t want to tell. Ever sense the 9/1 1 incident in 2001, the government has stepped up on the common defense to help protect America from terrorist attacks.

The government created the Patriot Act s part of the whole protecting America spiel that they throw as us. And basically what Americans think It does, Is the government has capableness to listen to our phone conversations, monitor what we do on the internet all to help protect 1 OFF themselves Trot Utter terrorist acts. But In all reality most people aren’t Tort ten government having this much capability to essentially spy on us, but to end this rant I say as long as the government protects us, I’m all for it. Well I hope you enjoyed our adventure and look forward to furthering your knowledge again.