The Reach for Hope Is a nonprofit organization. Which services a rural community, outside of Colorado Springs. The constituents of the community range from poor to needy when it concerns their financial status, those individuals who do work receive very low wages. Like other rural communities such as this, there is also a rate of drug and alcohol addiction; and high Incidence rate of rape, Incest, and high pregnancies. The presence of medical attention is not evident, if any it is minimal at most.

The community also shows a rate of health and mental disabilities, which no one has dad an effort to, investigate. As a nonprofit organization Reach for Hope is concerned about the situation, the Board of directors are volunteers from the community, they had to decide to ask for a volunteer to oversee the situation at the Reach of Hope, or they had to decide to hire a Director. The Board of directors opted to hire the director and an assistant with the exception of the director and her assistant.

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All other staff member of the organization have volunteered there services, which Include doctors, nurses, counselors; and advocates who will research for public services that offer aid to the public such as, prescription services, food services, home health, and much more. As the appointed director I first decided; the first point Is to begin to know my constituents in the community, what are the concerns or the parents and their children, Individuals, the elderly, and homeless.

I will go to public facilities to run a census of what the community ideas are as whole and inform them that to do this and succeed it has to be a joint effort between them and the organization. Finally I will have to look into the resources and the volunteer hat will be need for this program to succeed. In looking It the failed attempt of my predecessor, I ask the Board for any documentation about expenditures and vital documentation that will assist in reopening the Reach for Hope in this community.

In viewing the documents I can see there was never much effort made to include the community and any decision or participation In any activity that involved the community. Previously the community considered the organization similar to other organizations with the motto ‘*we give, you get. ” This is not the case, for my job is to ensure that want we can give, to those clients who have earned by participating. This is the only way to measure the success of the organization, “every organization should be on the Journey of ultimately measuring outcomes” (Wheeler. 009, p. 9). Our mission is to help and work within the community, so every member can strengthen and encourage every man, woman and child to be all that he or she can be. As a nonprofit organization, it will take everyone to contribute all whatever they can, so everyone can reach his or her dreams and desires. With this Joint effort, staff embers hope to accomplish the goal of a vision that may seem unreachable but is reachable with perseverance, strength, and teamwork, which every person can contribute, will bring someone’s dreams come true.

I have already met with the constituents of the community, staff, and volunteers; and with all the suggestions from everyone, Including the time, and services each Is will to contribute. With all the information I have received I have decided to broach the Board of Director, to discuss 1 OAF now prevent Ana Meltzer tens organization Trot Tattling again. I nave suggested t organization is in need of an outside Ethics certified public accountant and Ethics Advisor, who is not currently or in any way associated with the Board of directors.

The Reach for Hope organization will gain the trust and respect from its constituents, if a neutral Ethical Advisory Board is put in place to oversee both the financial and grieves such as misconduct, misrepresentation, and many other reasons. This in itself would motivate the staff and constituents, and reassure them that Reach for Hope is will, and we are all in it for the long haul. In no way is there any accusation r reference to any inappropriate behavior by our Board of directors.

The Ethical Advisory Board is for the assurance to everyone concern that this is a different and new Reach for Hope organization. With the approval from the Board of directors and a budget in hand, it is time for our mission statement to take shape. The mission statement is important and its function is: “it targets action” (Roach, 2009, p. AN). “Mission statements in and of themselves is not important, creating a team with a sense of mission is crucial” (Campbell, The power of mission: aligning strategy and ultra, 1992).

With this in mind writing the mission statement has to include integrity, enthusiasm, respect, commitment, professionalism, and teamwork. Our Mission, Our Vision, and Our Values. We have committed ourselves to care, serve, and improve of lives of the community. In recognition of this commitment, we and with the effort of the members of the community, we will strive to deliver high quality of services each individual of the community deserves. Reach for hope financing comes from state resources and donation of our neighboring communities, who want to share and help everyone achieve their dreams and potential.

Our mission is to apply the following in every aspect: * Integrity – being completely honest in everything we do is the basis of our actions. * Respect – the rights and privacy of every individual. * Professional – to act and perform as a professional, by doing what is right for the client. * Enthusiasm – generate positive, motivational, and inspire our clients to seek improvement for themselves and their community. * Commitment – provide our clients with a safe and secure environment. Respond to the wants and needs of our linens in a timely matter.

Ensure timely communications between staff members and clients by answering questions about their interest in improving their community, health, Jobs counseling; and providing clients with specific information concerning their situations. * Values – The Reach for Hope employees and the entire volunteer staff members recognizes and the uniqueness and worth of each individual. The Reach for Hope organization treats all individuals with compassion and kindness. The Reach for Hope organization acts with honesty, integrity, and are fair on how we induct ourselves with others, and the way we live our personal lives.

The Reach for Hope organization entrust our staff and volunteers as valuable members of our community and pledge to treat one with loyalty, respect, and dignity. The Reach for Hope organization recognizes and appreciates innovation within our organization and community. The Reach for Hope organization strives to exceed our expectations. The Reach for Hope celebrates our diversity while focusing on our common values and principles. The Reach for Hope promotes and encourages the participation of all constituents and members of the community.

The mission statement will have an erect on ten star, constituents Ana ten memoirs AT ten community a It Is time to embrace the community by going into detail of what the Reach for Hope organization has planned, so the lives of all the community can benefit. The Reach for Hope organization has decided to go the extra mile to ensure that no individual is left behind or forgotten. We have gone out to the community, and asked for volunteers in passing out pamphlets, and fliers to anyone, and to any businesses who will allow the volunteers to post the fliers on his or her place of business.

The following is a list of services that will provide or assistance in reaching the proper organization, which will be able to provide the help they need. Assist needy families so that children will learn a better way of life. Reduce the dependency of needy families by promoting Job and work ethics. Encourage parenting classes. Encourage families to learn to how function as a healthy family. Saying NO! Too pressure. Encourage fathers to be all they can. Post hospital and post surgical care. Health assessments. Individualized counseling. Staff member will offer counseling for those individuals looking for someone to listen.

All communication will be confidential, if the need arise referrals and guidance are available for clients who need of other services, which the organization does not provide. The organization will offer services five days a week, once initial contact has been made, there will be an option of group services for those interested. Staff members such as doctors and nurses will be available to see patient’s every day. Appointments do need to made, prior to being seen. For patients who have special services such as, diabetes, well woman examinations, high blood pressure, and such; here will certain days when doctors will see those patients.

Discussion of a Community Health Clinic every quarter for those who individuals who would want to participate in the free screening is already underway with other local organizations. Advocates will be available to assist those who want services in prescriptions, eye care, and such. Our advocates will search for these services and if able will make contact. Each advocate is providing all they can, so there will times when staff members will need the communists assistance in completing the initial contact. Home health volunteers will available for those individual who cannot come to the facility.

A register nurse will do the initial visit to determine if requirement for home health services have been met, and in what capacity. Once the doctor has made the proper assessments the client will receive notice regarding, which assistance the client will receive. It is our mission to let every individual know that we are here to provide assistance, in which every way possible. All interaction will be private and confidential, for everyone. We want to encourage everyone to see their potential and heir future full of light. The value of the statement gives assurance the organizations main focus is in family values and its community.

It also informs the community that they are not to make monetary profit. The only profit the organization is seeking is in seeing the constituents of the community achieving their dreams and hopes. The organization is inspiring the community to take charge of these changes, and Monitoring teem Tanat ten organization Is tenure to Nell Ana ala In every way possible. The organization is clearly making the community know this is their fight, and but they do not have to fight it alone. With the help of the organization their option is not to fail, but to succeed.

These values are the very core and purpose of the organization. The organization does not what to hinder the community, it wants to help every constituent to seek and aim for their dreams. The organization has left the door open, in an effort to ensure the community of the organizations interest in their thoughts and ideas, on how to achieve this. The transformational approach is to give confidence to the community that they are not alone that a member of the organization is there to help him or her in everyday. The organization is focusing on a healthier community with quarterly Community Health Screening.

When many constituents would not consider going to the facility during its regularly scheduled days because they may be under the impression their consult would not remain private; they may consider going to a Community Health Screening as different. These Community Health Screening would also attract those constituents who do not homes or can only retrieve information from public facilities such as, posting on store windows or handouts. These postings or handouts would likely reach the homeless; ND those who have no or limited access to the public.

The organization is not Just focusing on health and mental problems, but it is encouraging families to attend its programs, or partake in family counseling, if desired. In today’s culture many homes have an absent parent this is one of many projects the organization wants to fix. The organization wants to encourage both parents especially the father, who would likely be the missing parent, to partake in their children lives. The organization wants to assist those fathers on how to communicate with his children, and to counsel the ether how it important the father figure is in a child’s life.