I chose this paper because I felt that It was the most Interesting topic I wrote n and I thought it was the paper I needed to improve on the most. Throughout the course of EH 101 1 have learned to improve on my writing with the help of the objectives: Rhetorical Knowledge, Writing Processes, Knowledge of Conventions, and Self-expression with these I became a better writer. I gained much knowledge of rhetorical devices throughout this course. I used many rhetorical devices in my analysis on “Consider the Lobster” such as: rhetorical questioning, imagery, logos, and pathos.

Before starting this class I was not aware of most of the rhetorical devices and or how to use them In an essay, but throughout he course I learned them and then in the revision process I learned to execute them properly. Authors use rhetorical techniques to get their point across and I was not aware of this before starting the course. During my revision on my paper I learned to find better examples of rhetorical devices In order to execute my point to the fullest extent.

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This has also helped me In being able to write In different genres that I didn’t even know existed before I took this course. My writing process has changed throughout this course as well. At first I didn’t eave much of a writing process and I Just started randomly writing, but now I produce multiple drafts in order to make sure I am writing the best essay as possible. Am also able to critique the work I have done as well as the work others have done.

This skill is evident in my revisions on my essay because I was able to look at it and critique what I thought needed to be done in order to make the essay better than what It was before. I also wrote many drafts of It and kept changing things to make It right. Knowledge of conventions helped me learn how to have the correct tone and chances In my paper. There were many times in my papers where I used the wrong tense and had Improper punctuation. Throughout this course, I have made remarkable improvement within my essay mechanics.

I have broadened my vocabulary due to this course as well. I have noticed in my revisions that tend to see my tense and grammar errors more than ever. In order to make my essay better than It was before I changed syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. My syntax and making of sentences has Improved greatly since taking this course and I feel much more confident in my writing. 1 OFF I also Tell more content In my writing Owe to ten use AT sell-expression I . Nave never felt as if I could use my own use of language to express my ideas.

All my high school teachers made us write in a form that they enjoyed and made it hard for us to use a writing style that we enjoyed. As I took this course I started to develop a sense of my own writing style and what worked for me. I started to notice that the more I wrote in the style I am comfortable with, the better the grade. When writing essays in the past, I always felt like a robot that Just regurgitated information with no clear idea or arguments. Once I found my flow in writing, presenting an argument or idea became second nature without any major struggles.

I also feel as if my essays began to string together ideas better and my arguments became clearer. As well as self-expression, I have learned many other skills as well. Since this course, I have learned to analysis and interpret sources involved with my main topic. Before this class, I would pick a quotation that had a relative meaning to the topic and Just put it in my essay. Now, I select multiple sources and pick the best one for my essay. Without this skill, I would never be able to survive upper level English classes.

I have learned to use a source as a supportive part of my argument instead of Just a requirement for my paper. The knowledge I have learned in this class will forever help me in my future. I now understand the importance of clear writing and how using these tools will help me in all walks of life. My reflection of my overall writing skill due to this class is very good. I have benefited beyond belief by my intake from this class. The writing skills I learned helped me in revising my paper on “Consider the Lobster” by David Foster Wallace.