Ever since technology has been discovered, it has been advancing a lot faster than we had expected. From the first ever light bulb to the most advanced smartphones we have now. Technological inventions are also following the trends depending on the period of time. From the late 1900s until today, mobile phones have been advancing rapidly. From the big phones with antennas to the tiny, thin, touch screen smartphones. Europe and Central Asian countries have been rapidly adapting to the mobile phone culture and other countries came in later. The rate of mobile phone users vary, depending on which part of the world you live in. We have heard of hundreds of mobile phone brands like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, and many more. In the early 2000s, Nokia has been the most famous brand according to the  These companies have been competing against each other for a long period of time and some had risen up and some had fallen and disappeared. Blackberry is a perfect example for a company that had fallen and “disappeared” from the market. We want to know more about how it had fallen, why, and how to prevent falling.           In the Eastern and Pacific countries, 98% are mobile phone users during the late 1900s and it has been increasing as time passes. The Nokia mobile had been the best-selling mobile phones, followed by Apple and Samsung.           Founded by Mike Lazaridis on March 9, 1984 alongside its parent company and former developer Blackberry Limited, Blackberry is a mobile phone company with a line of phones and tablets headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. Now, according to Wikipedia, TCL is its global developer, BB Merah Putih in India, and Optiemus in India. Launching the first ever two-way pager back in What made Blackberry rise to fame was transforming the normal, mainstream 9 button keypad to QWERTY keys. Also, Blackberry’s keyboard buttons looked like the blackberry fruit drupelets from the blackberry fruit itself, hence coming up with the brand name.    The Blackberry 850 launched in 1999, being the first ever model of Blackberry, was a pager that was two-way. With that model, their market expanded to the northern part of America. This model was also known as the original model and it had a monochrome display, far from modern smartphones. Following the Blackberry 850, the RIM 850 and 857 followed next, which used the DataTAC network. The first ever Blackberry smartphone was launched in 2002, people know of this as the convergent mobile phone and this model supported push email, telephone, messaging, faxing, browsing, and many more wireless services. When the internet was introduced to the world, the company focused on the emailing features for the newer models. Blackberry rose to fame because of Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10, the most popular QWERTY models with thumb function.The significance of this study is to let others know how and why Blackberry’s popularity also caused its downfall. Consumer preferences are different from one another and a consumer’s preference may vary from time to time. Upon reading this research paper, businessmen, consumers, teachers, and a lot more people may learn a lot about how to survive in the market and use the knowledge for other techniques.