It offers a range of foods from appetizer such as mozzarella sticks to full entrees of Steak or Fish, mostly specializing in Pizza and wings and a lot of beer an alcohol. The establishment offers a area on back of the restaurant that Is considered the talk bar and and ice cream social area and also provides miniature golf for those who would like to participate as well as it sits in front of a Golf Range.

The restaurant does not accommodate for much parking area so it does cause a bit of a problem to visit the restaurant, once inside the restaurant it is crowded with lots of people and tables close together as well as a large bar across the back of the restaurant To the eight side of the restaurant It has a pool table as well as a lot of different sizes of TV’s located through out the establishment. The bulging Is constructed of Brick and allows for an area which is Tike Bar area which is located through a double glass door that leads out back where there is a lot of TV’s for viewing seasonal sports.

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Close Close On the first of my visits I watched as the servers ran around very rapidly mostly providing a younger gender with pitchers of beers most of the table’s consisted of rage parties of 5 to 10, mostly males that were dressed from casual shorts with fishing shirts to men dressed in golf apparel or football Jerseys and T-shirts that supported the teams they were there to watch, to name a few were Florida Gators and Florida State Seminole as well as Georgia Bull Dogs and Tennessee.

The young ladles wore next to nothing most In shorts shorts that there rear ends half out and tank tops or mid drift shirts, some as well supporting their team of choice. I was there on a Saturday the mid afternoon while a variety of college football games were Ewing watched and the restaurant was packed to consistency as well as the outdoor Tike Bar.

The second visit was during the week after work on a Thursday, still a lot going on hard to find a parking spot as usual walk In more people seem to be sitting at the bar area the dress Is more casual work clothing such as dresses and nice slacks a little more conservative group this afternoon . I met up with some friends of mine so I mixed school with a little socializing we ordered pizza and drinks and also ad popcorn the atmosphere was a little more at ease a little more relaxed pace today, I am enjoying myself more today the environment is not as loud and you can actually hear each other when talking.

My overall feeling of Eve’s Is a very good one, I enjoyed Don vaults to ten restaurant my servers were very pleasant even Wendell under an obvious amount of pressure on Saturday game day verses the casual outing of a Thursday afternoon, even though they say a family atmosphere I did not notice many children or families there mostly couples and groups. Some reviews of the establishment I have included: Rating: 4. 0 out of 5″July 06, 2014 by Susan D. From Yelping bar they added really makes this place.

You can sit and watch people play golf. Lots foot’s and they have NFG Ticket which always draws a good crowd. The food is always good. Homemade chips and buffalo chicken pizza are my favorites but everything that I have ordered has been good Rating: 2. 0 out of 5″May 04, 2014 by Miranda B. From Yelp’ remember why now why we have not been here in a while. Dined with 2 kids, had to ask 4 times or the kids menu, then go to the waitress station and look at it to order, because the waitress never brought it.