VietNam with my friend . It’s also good time to Introduce VietNam with my International friend. We arrived here In the afternoon yesterday . The weather was warm and wet because this time have started to the wet season . After we’ve arranged everything and we went to the hotel . I’ve booked the room in the hotel already . The hotel was beautiful and clean.

We had a rest after we’re planning to go around in Hocking city. At the first place for we visited that is Beneath market which is a traditional market of my country. Len here , you can buy everything if you want and specially the price is so cheap. My friends are so excited about it. Hocking city has changed a lot since I was a child . Many high buildings were built by the government and which was attractive to the investors came to VietNam . I felt proud about that.

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At the second place for we visited that Is Nah Trans beach city . We spend about 6 hours from Hocking City to there by bus . Even though we felt quite tired but we still happy because the alarm of the beach Is so fresh . In the evening , we ate many seafood In the luxurious redcurrant near the beach-It’s delicious-After , we saw sun set together. I hope you’re teaching hard while I’m enjoying my holiday . I probably don’t write but I’ll see you next week and share my story in my holiday.