It sounds crazy and ridiculous but the principals of hose kindergartens claim that the statistics have suggested kids who have been exposed to examination style in early stage are more advantageous in their studies and they could have a good head start in primary school! It distinctively shown how much emphasis society have given to examinations. However, some are strongly against the system where they hold the beliefs that the need to prepare for tests and examinations Is a restriction on teachers and also exerts unnecessary pressure on young learners.

This Is true to certain extent. First and foremost we have to look on the purpose of having examinations. Examination can test the students’ academic capability. They help us to Identify our weaknesses, so we can focus more on that particular topics and Implement new studying methods on Improving them. We are geared on to study feverishly. In other words, examination motivate us to study. The eager to roar in examinations among the peers push the students further in expanding their knowledge in different areas. Examination cannot be superseded in any other forms, like assignments.

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Regular test can prepare the students to final examinations. When students are more used to the examination style and format, their stress would greatly reduce. Also, the regular test keep the student in pace with the teachers’ teaching. They study regularly for the tests after the teachers have finished each and every topic. I believe if student were to sit for the final examination in one go, most of the candidates cannot pass In flying colors. Examinations have restricted the development of critical thinking skills among students.

Overly emphasis on the examination syllabus Limits the students from thinking out of box. They tend to memorize the sample answer given in order to excel in the papers. Creative answers are not credited as they are not in the marking scheme. So, examination has become a barrier to the students in developing their analytical skill as they can only think within the boundary. In addition to that, teachers also have the propensity to teach only the syllabus, to ensure that students have a good grasp on topics that will be tested. The good intention unexpectedly turns out to narrow the dents’ views and knowledge.

Furthermore, examinations are not fair to some students. These students may not shine academically, but they are good in other aspects, like singing, dancing, playing musical instruments or sports. Their potential talents could not be measured under examinations. Students are not aware of their hidden talents and could not develop them when they were to study every day for tests. Tests exert a lot of pressures on student. Student put a lot of endeavors In their studies. They sacrifice their sleeping and entertainment hours, reading and memorable all ten Tact’s Trot ten course Docks.

Pies AT Docks Ana reticence notes have become their only companion in lives. They work hard and even burn the midnight oil daily, aiming for good grades to go to good universities. In Asia countries, we do have a lot of Tiger Mother, who practice traditional and strict child-rearing, harbor high expectations on their children. Tests have become the best device on measuring the performance of their children in studies. These kids live in a pressure cooker environment where they study merely for examinations purpose. Sadly to say, mom could not take the stress and end up tragically.

They commit suicide when their results have not meet their self or parents’ expectation. Such alarming cases happen at any age level, including students from primary school! Examination could have its flaw, but it makes more goods than harms. There are reasons why examination system exist since long time ago, we cannot abolish them Just in a flick of finger. The examination could have incorporated with any other forms of works, like projects, assignments and coursework , to let those who are not shine in examination shown.