Executive Summary Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. WeWOOD recognizes this problem and has made it their mission to take fashion to the opposite end of the spectrum. The company is a trendy fashion accessory company that makes all the products completely from wood and is very environmentally conscious. For every product that WeWOOD sells, they plant one tree around the world. This is their way of giving back and trying to combat against the damages of the growing fashion industry. Bringing this purpose to light is why this promotional plan has been prepared.  The theme for this promotion plan is “One WeWOOD, One Tree” and it will take place during April 2019, centering around Earth Day. This plan accomplish three main goals: establish unique brand equity, promote values of environmentalism, and increase customer base and sales for the company. The theme will serve as a constant reinforcer of the purpose behind WeWOOD, and will make it so when people think of WeWOOD they think of the efforts to plant trees and give back to the planet. There will be a different promotional event going on for every week in April focused around the different product lines and the final week is focused on Earth Day. The four themes are: “Time for Change”, “See a Better Future”, “ACCESSORY TITLE”, and “One Earth, One Chance”. Each week is going to feature a deal and a special event for each of the product lines and for the final week WeWOOD will sponsor the three largest Earth Day festivals in America. Along with the special events and sales, there will be several publicity events and 12advertisements to go with the promotion plan. These are crucial to achieving the goals of the promotion of this plan, as they are the main ways people will be hearing about the product. The advertisements will be conducted via three mediums––social media, radio, and magazines––while the publicity events will be kept to social media as this reaches the largest amount of people at the lowest cost. All of these platforms will maximize the amount of people who view these advertisements, and generate the most traffic possible for WeWOOD. Another reason that social media is so great for our promotional plan is that it fits in perfectly with WeWOOD’s target market. The target audience is affluent 20-40 year-olds who are environmentally conscious and in to trending fashion. Almost the entirety of this target market has started using social media, so having ads and publicity events on platforms like Facebook and Instagram will reach countless potential customers. The “One WeWOOD, One Tree” promotion plan succeeds in achieving all of the objectives that it lays out, and will take WeWOOD past all of the companies competition. Our association with giving back to the environment establishes our unique brand equity and promotes important environmentalism ideals, while our extensive advertising and publicity plans will greatly expand our customer base and increase the company’s sales. Description of storeWeWOOD is a unique watch and accessory company that gives back to the Earth. The company started in Florence, Italy. A city that is historically renowned for its beautiful art and creativity. The brand was developed in 2009 by Alessandro Rosano, Daniele Guidi, and Emma Bogren. The three founders wanted their company to fit right in with the city’s past, they decided to handcraft each watch from exotic hardwoods from around the world. Fitting in with Florence’s deep history, the watches were designed to be as much of an art piece as a timepiece. Wanting a beautiful message to backup their beautiful watches, WeWOOD partnered with American Forest, Treedom, and Trees for the Future; this partnership made it so one tree would be planted for every product sold. In 2010, WeWOOD became the first ever timepiece company to sell watches made completely out of toxic-free recycled hardwood. After their first year, WeWOOD expanded overseas to the United States. Finding so much success in America, the company continued to expand around the globe; WeWOOD is now sold in Italy, America, the UK, Brazil, Australia, and they ship to everywhere else. Since 2010, the company has expanded their product base to include sunglass frames, bowties, suspenders, and even frescobol sets.Although WeWOOD is still a lesser known company, they have planted almost half a million trees already and have a goal of hitting one million by 2020. Because every tree has its own grain, like a fingerprint, no two watches will ever be the exact same. This just further reinforces the uniqueness of the products. Due to everything that goes into the timepieces and accessories, they can be relatively expensive. That’s why historically, WeWOOD has focused its target market to relatively wealthy 20-40 year olds who like modern fashion and are environmentally conscious. To further market to this specific target audience, online outlets like we-wood.com and social media are the primary sources used for selling and promoting. However, in recent years WeWOOD has been entering more and more into the brick and mortar stores. The main store that they are now sold in is Nordstroms, but they are also sold in some watch and optic stores as well. The company has been steadily growing larger and larger over the past few years, and it is time to take WeWOOD to the next level with this promotion plan. Objectives of planThe overall goal of this promotional plan is to raise awareness of the brand and its cause as well as increase sales. “One WeWOOD, One Tree” will start on April 1, 2019, and it will last for the entire month of April. April was chosen because April 22 is Earth Day, and one of the primary purposes of WeWOOD is giving back to the planet. This plan will achieve all of the following results:Establish unique brand equity: WeWOOD will establish unique brand equity by bringing the need for reforestation front and center as the main selling point of the products. This will differentiate WeWOOD from all of its competitors allowing the company to rise up.Promote values of environmentalism: Deforestation is destroying our only home, and everyone needs to help stop that. WeWOOD is trying to combat this problem, and raising awareness of the company will also raise awareness of what can be done to save the planet.Increase customer base and sales: Throughout the month of April there will be several promotions and sales going on. These will in turn increase the customer base of WeWOOD as well as greatly increase the sales for April while setting up WeWOOD to prosper in the future.Schedule of EventsSpecial Events The overarching theme for the promotional plan is “One WeWOOD, One Tree”, and each of the four weeks are going to have a different theme and a special event for the week. The themes will focus around the three lines of products––watches, sunglasses, and bowties & suspenders––with the final theme revolving around Earth Day. Time for Change The first week of the plan is going to be focused on the first product line WeWOOD ever introduced–watches. This will start Monday April 1, 2019, and the first set of sales for watches will be be up to 15% off discounts on all watches. The other special deal for this week is a free custom laser engraving on any watch bought. These usually cost $30, and add a lot of personalization options to the watches.See a Better Future The second week of the plan revolves around the optic frame product line. This week’s events start Monday April 8, 2019, and the special sale for the optic frame line will be a buy one get one half off. This way frames can be gotten for both sunglasses and normal glasses, or people can get a pair for themselves and a half off pair for a friend. The other special event for this week is that the customers will be allowed to pick which location they want their tree planted in.CLEVER ACCESSORY TITLE The third week of the plan is going to be focusing on the final accessory product lines of bowties and suspenders. The special deal for this week is going to be a bundle of the two products that will be selling for $60 instead of the $95 it would cost otherwise. The special promotion going along with this deal is that each bundle bought will have three trees planted instead of two, to make it even more environmentally appealing.One Earth One Chance    This is the final week and it will kick of April 22, 2019 and will run through the end of April. During this there will be up to 25% discounts on all WeWOOD products, and WeWOOD will also be sponsoring some of the largest Earth Day festivals around the country. There will be booths set up at the Green Festival in New York City, the San Francisco Earth Day Street Fair, and Earthfest in Cleveland, Ohio. These are the three biggest Earth Day events in the country, and will provide great exposure for the company. The booths set up at each event will have a display of all the product lines and will be focused on informing the population about how every product purchased equals another tree planted, and there will be plenty of products for sale at the booths.AdvertisingMagazine Ad WeWOOD has yet to make a print ad, and this is a huge audience that has been overlooked. That is why, in order to greatly increase awareness of the company and idea behind it, WeWOOD will be getting its first magazine ad. The ads will be a full-page, colored advertisement in GQ and Real Simple. These are large trendy fashion magazines that fit right in with WeWOODs style, and will increase WeWOOD’s exposure the most. The ads will stress the “One WeWOOD, One Tree” theme of the promotion plan. It will picture a forest and images of the watches saying how for every product bought one tree is planted.Radio This ad will be mainly focused on the special events going on at the brick and mortar stores. The ads will be aired on Z-100, KISS-FM, and B96. These are all the top hits channels that our target market primarily listens to. The ads will be played from 6am-8am and 4pm-6pm; these are the heaviest commute hours for 20-40 year olds. By advertising in these hours we will maximize our exposure to our target market while also minimizing our costs.Social Media The biggest advertisement strategy for this plan is going to be on social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook. Social media is the largest growing field of advertisement and we plan to take advantage of this. WeWOOD’s target market is 20-40 year olds, all of whom are starting to use more and more social media. The younger generations are using Instagram while the older generations are still using Facebook. In order to hit both of these markets we are going to make accounts on both platforms for people to follow and we are also going to pay for advertisements to go into the feeds of our target market. These ads will have pictures of the different products in each of their respective weeks and they will also say the sale for the product.DisplayIn-store displays Currently, WeWOOD does not have its own section at Nordstrom. The pieces are only found in sections that are home to several brands of the same accessory. This results in a very small amount of attention from customers, and will do no good during the promotion plan. That is why for the month of April there will be a whole WeWOOD section set up amidst the overarching accessory section of Nordstrom. This display will be primarily made of wooden showcase boxes and wooden stands and have a large array of the different styles and colors of the weekly respective accessory and then some of each for the final week. The display will also feature signs with the “One WeWOOD One Tree” theme as it is one of the biggest selling points behind WeWOOD. These in-store displays will be done at the ten largest Nordstrom locations including: New York City, New York; Seattle, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Atlanta, Georgia; Bloomington, Minnesota; Denver, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; and San Francisco, California.Online Each week the website will be highlighting the different themes. The banner on the top of the home page will say the theme of the week. The home page will also have a small blurb on what the special event for the week is so that people have another easy place to find out any information they could need.Social Media The social media pages will be posting constantly throughout the span of the four weeks. Anyone who posts a photo of themselves wearing a WeWOOD accessory and tags WeWOOD’s account will be featured on the WeWOOD page. This will not only increase the amount of pictures we have to post, but also increase the amount of people seeing WeWOOD apparel. PublicitySocial media give away To go in line with our social media advertising we are going to do giveaways for each of the first three weeks. These giveaways will be done on both Facebook and Instagram with one winner for each platform. The giveaway will start with WeWOOD posting a picture of the product line that something will be given away from. In order to participate in the giveaway, each person will have to follow WeWOOD, repost the original post from WeWOOD, and post a picture to their story tagging WeWOOD in the picture. All three of these will start to increase awareness of WeWOOD as they will bring the giveaway to the attention of everyone following the participants.Celebrity customers Our second form of publicity comes from the celebrities sporting their WeWOOD watches. Over the years countless celebrities have taken pictures while wearing their favorite WeWOOD pieces, some of these celebrities are: Christina Milian, Paris Hilton, Black Eyed Peas, Jesse Williams, Mark Ballas, Colin Firth, and Taylor Hicks. Throughout the promotional plan the pictures of these celebrities will be posted on the social media pages to ensure as many people know about these celebrity endorsements as possible.Other In-Store Activities In order to further promote the products, all in-store employees will also be equipped with WeWOOD business cards to hand out to all the people walking through the store. The business cards will feature the logo with the social media accounts and website on the card. Finally, every Monday morning there will be a 30 minute meeting before the store opens up. This meeting will inform all employees of the special event for the week, and review the previous week. It is important to review the previous week so the employees know what worked and what didn’t work so that we can provide the optimal experience for the customers, and every employee should know the week’s special event.Responsibility SheetResponsible PartyTasksVerificationStore ManagerRuns the weekly Monday morning meetings, and ensures that stocks of each product are kept full for the duration of the promotion plan. Finally, they will send progress reports to WeWOOD in LA each week entailing how the week’s plans went.The stock orders will be registered in Nordstrom’s corporate system, and WeWOOD in LA will be able to verify the completion of all the promotional plan events and make sure that the store manager is keeping up with all their work.Store SupervisorsWill be responsible for monitoring all store employees throughout the promotional plan to make sure everything is running smoothly. Must create special work schedules to delegate tasks to employees, and will be writing employee reports to turn into the manager.The employee reports must be turned into the manager every week, keeping the supervisor accountable. The employees will hold the supervisor accountable for their schedules, and the supervisors presence will be noted by employees during the events.Floor StaffWill also be responsible for running the special events. This entails helping set up the displays and keeping the store organized.Their work will be monitored and verified by the supervisor who is writing employee reports for the manager.BudgetEvent/ItemDescription/ReasonPrice Per UnitProjected CostEarth Day festivalsA WeWOOD booth will be set up at three of the largest festivalsGreen Festival: $295Street Fair: $150Earthfest: $125$570GQ and Real Simple magazine advertisementsThis will be a full page, colored ad that will run for a months time in two popular magazines. Real Simple is $20,000.GQ is $25,000.$45,000Radio advertisementsThese will be 30 second ads on the morning and afternoon drives. Weekly morning and afternoon slot is $100. Three slots per week.$1,200Instagram and Facebook advertisementsAdvertisements will show up in our target market’s feeds throughout the month.$20 for every thousand viewers in a month.$2,000Display space in storesDisplays set up for a month in ten Nordstrom stores$800 per month per location$8,000Social media giveawayTwo products from each line will given away.Each watch is $140.Each pair of frames is $130.Each bowtie is $35.$610Total Cost$57,380Statement of Benefits to the Retail Establishment The “One WeWOOD, One Tree” fashion promotion plan for WeWOOD is guaranteed to meet all of the outlined objectives. All of the events in this plan will help push WeWOOD to the front and center of the modernizing fashion world and will help save the world one tree at a time. The Earth Day events planned will provide great exposure for a huge environmentally conscious customer base that will love our product, and the special deals to go with each week will increase sales and help establish our unique brand equity as a company that cares about the environment. By having the magazine ads in two of the largest fashion magazines, radio ads on some of the most popular stations, and instagram and facebook ads we will be reaching millions of potential customers. This added exposure will greatly increase our customer base and customer loyalty. This will also establish our unique brand equity and environmentalism ideals because the ads are all focused on how every product bought is one tree planted, making WeWOOD stand out from all our competitors. Our in-store displays throughout the month of April are going to mainly on getting our brand into more brick and mortar stores, thus increasing our customer base. The initial booths set up for the promotion will be a great start, and once the entire plan is done WeWOOD will be a much more well known company with a good foothold in brick and mortar stores. The social media give away and celebrity endorsements will increase our customer base and loyalty as well. When people see their favorite celebrities sporting a new trend, they want to follow in their footsteps. The give away will greatly increase the amount of people following WeWOOD on social media platforms, which means they will all find out about the celebrities who wear WeWOOD encouraging even more purchases.Bibliographyhttps://www.we-wood.com/https://shop.nordstrom.com/ https://www.realsimple.com/microsites/media-kit/images/magadrates-2017.pdf http://cnda.condenast.co.uk/static/condenast/GQ%20Media%20Pack%20AUG%202013%20.pdf https://business.instagram.com/advertising https://www.facebook.com/business/products/ads