Executive Summary This report provides an analysis and research of Bright Tracker and Health and Wellness Tracking System in the international business. This method of analysis includes Market Condition, Market Targeting, Market Analysis, as well as the Marketing Distribution Plan of Bright Tracker and Health and Wellness Tracking System. The research draws attention to the international market of both the company and the product. With their successful companies and product. They have expanded through internationally and has been one of the best systems in the world.ProfileBright Tracker is an innovative new device that allows you to connect to your health at a high-tech level. You can track your physical conditions like inflammation (part of the body’s immune), fertility (produce offspring), influenza (“flu”) and testosterone (a type of hormone that males develop) in minutes at home. It is easy and safe to use. You only need a drop of your blood and saliva. It is collected through the device that is included with a wand and is atomically starts to analyze the sample. In minutes, the device will send the information to your smartphone wirelessly. When the device completes analyzing the sample, it is important to dispose the wand and replace it. The device comes with 10 wands that can be used every year. Bright Tracker recommends you bring the disposed of wands to any near clinical centers so that it can be cleaned and be used for other purposes. HWTS (Health and Wellness Tracking System) is a clinical software that is designed by physicians that works like the way clinical think. It is a software system that is designed for healthcare facilities to track and analyze the outcome of any medical procedures or treatment. HWTS can track from any surgeries that have previously treated to procedures that are currently happening to any patients. The clinical software is the new ideal tracking solutions. Using the HWTS, it can track long-term outcomes and help efficiently with the patient medical data. HWTS can completely be accessed at all time in the hospital, clinical centers or office. It is fully customized, designed and modified to be accessible in the hospital and clinical centers. HWTS has an advantage of the built-in report so you can easily report fast, easy and flexible. The clinical software provides a structure that follows procedures and long-term success. HWTS can analyze the ideals for the clinical improvement, outcome researchers, data management and the decision making. HWTS is a built-in report collector and tool to make reporting accessible.Market ConditionsSwitzerland is a mountainous country in Western Europe. It is one of the richest counties in the world and has consistently ranked high for its quality of life. Switzerland is known for its history of being nonaligned wartime. The country is the home of a much international organization like the World Trade Organization but had not been a member of the European Union. Switzerland is one the wealthiest nation in the world and has a very strong market economy. Unemployment is low and its labor force is also very highly skilled. The GDP per capita in Switzerland is one of among the highest in the world. The country benefits from service sectors, financial services, and manufacturing industries that are highly teched production. Switzerland is one the world’s most competitive economies that have stable politics, the legal system, exceptional infrastructure, capital market and low corporate tax rate. Recently, in Switzerland, the Swiss GDP growth is below the European average for the first time since the creation of Euros. In 2017, the growth was 1.3% and the average growth was 1.06%. Consumer AnalysisHealth and Wellness Tracking System are one of the among growing system in the health industries. It is continually faced new issues and challenges. HWTS has responded to different challenges caused by an international competitor through the healthcare service, providers of healthcare and collaborators. New opportunities and challenges have been created in the healthcare system to provide a remarkable and efficient healthcare service. StrengthBright Tracker has many achievements to make approachable strategic decisions. It allows HWTS to analyze the internal environment of the company. The device is available in many health care system. It has a very strong and quality built-in report that is very flexible. Also, it cost less in medical procedures.WeaknessBright Tracker has the weakness the requires to deal with in HWTS. They face complication of producers and bill settlements. HWTS also face medical tourist that require basic health insurance, travel insurance or company healthcare plan but have to check with the cantonal authorities (small territorial division) in Switzerland. OpportunitiesBright Tracker has many opportunities that can be able to utilize strategic decisions.  It allows HWTS to analyze the external environment of the company. HWTS can compare treatments in developed countries. The company can provide national health policy and watch out for economic recessions in the future. ThreatsBright Tracker has the threats that require being aware of in HWTS. They face the challenges in the online facility and require clinical excellence to have the device accurate with tracking your health conditions. It may also lead to the medical cost and cantonal authorities issues.Distribution PlanHealth and Wellness Tracking System is a leading healthcare system with an international system. The company’s product Bright Tracker reached the market by following the two channels, direct distribution, and indirect distribution. HWTS choose the relevant distribution channels based on the consumer needs and product characteristics. With direct distribution, HWTS conveys the product straightforwardly to retail pharmacies location such as any medical centers or hospital. Direct Distribution empowers Bright Tracker product to stock with great recognition. Indirect distribution helped HWTS gain a significant competitive advantage. The company gains access to consumer need without any challenges. This gives the company more time to focus on the product and increase their target consumers. The cost of the product can be low and the process is much simpler for the distributor. Health and Wellness Tracking System are one of the leading healthcare systems in the world. The company’s primary position helps to have a productive relationship with its retail pharmacies. HWTS make notes of the consumer need and trend which help in making the adjustment in the marketing strategies.